Sound Mod Enabler. Normally, if you make any changes to the files in the resources directory, Minecraft will re-download the default sounds and overwrite your custom files.This mod allows you to stop that from happening.

What can you do with this mod?

  • You can change the sounds of minecraft!


  • Change the cat record to a dirty dubstep record!
  • Change the explode sound to a fart! (creepers fart when exploding)
  • Etc.

How do i use the config file?

Advanced users only! (don’t touch this if you don’t know what you’re doing)

The default configuration file with comments:

#Sound Mod Enabler configuration file
#Thu Mar 01 22:10:08 CET 2012
user_linked_folder=false /*Makes a resource folder for each user (resources_username)*/
Update_sound=false /*Updates your resource folder with the link below*/   /*The url(without http://) where the resources are located, more info below on how to make a custom one.*/
disable_cave_sounds=false /*Disables cave sounds*/
disable_weather_sounds=false /*Disables weather sounds*/

Custom Resource_Url:

  • 1. Add your sounds to a vanilla resource folder (so every sound is in the folder)
  • 2. make a file called content.xml that contains everything that is inside the resourcefolder and put that also in the resource folder(example below)
  • 3. Upload the entire folder to the internet (not a zip!)(i suggest you use dropbox or you can use your personal site for this)
  • 4. copy the link (without http://) and put it in your config file (example: so that content.xml is located at:

How do i install it?

  • Download this mod
  • Open your minecraft.jar with Winrar or an other program
  • Drag the class file in the jar
  • Delete the meta-inf folder in the jar
  • Success!

Download Links for Sound Mod Enabler: