What is Team Crafted?

This mod is packed with items, blocks, mobs, armor, etc. that are all somehow affiliated to the great and wonderful Team Crafted! In case if you didn’t know, Team Crafted is a group of amazing, brilliant Youtubers, posting tons of engaging Minecraft videos. This team consists of 11 youtubers, SkyDoesMinecraft, DeadloxMC, HuskyMudkiptz, MinecraftUniverse, Ssundee, Deceptibonks, ASFJerome, BajanCanadian, DeceptiBonk, BlueMonkey, and WeedLion. However, this mod currently only includes the gamers of the Team, sorry DeceptiBonk, BlueMonkey, and WeedLion.

Mod Contents:

Items (Weapons, Food, etc)

Heres all the items from the mod. Some of these items are also weapons as well.

1. Betty:

2. El Boost!

3. Deceptibonk’s Magic Pencil.

4. Budder

5. Banana

6. Ssundee’s Sheild


8. Budder Ink Sac

9. AntiPowerMove(WIP)

10. BlueMonkey Banana

11. WeedLion’s Claw

12. BlueMonkey’s Gun

13. MinecraftUniverse’s Hand

14. Jerome’s Parmesan Deodorant

15. Deadlox’s Ultimate Tool

16. Deadlox’s Ultimate Tool

17. HuskyMudkipz Hydro Pump

18. Deadlox’s Pearl

19. Bajan’s Staff

20. The Gems(8 Items)

Team Crafted Tools and Swords w/ abilities

In this mod, every member of the team has their own sword, with a unique ability when right clicked, and a complete toolset.

1. SkyDoesMinecraft

2. DeadloxMC

3. Minecraft Universe

4. Ssundee

5. ASFJerome

6. Deceptibonk

7. Bajan Canadian

8. HuskyMudkipz

9. BlueMonkey

10. Weed Lion

Team Crafted Mobs

This mod includes 16 new mobs, that are all related/creations from Team Crafted. They all possess unique traits, and are pretty fun and cool. Except the Boss Squid.

1. SkythekidRS

2. Ssundee

3. DeadloxMC

5. Minecraft Universe

5. ASFJerome

6. HuskyMudkipz

7. Deceptibonk

8. BajanCanadian

9. WeedLion

10. BlueMonkey

11. PigLox

12. Jeffery

13. Fanboy

14. Cheif Squid(Epilepsy Warning!)

15. Derp SSundee

16. The HATER

17. Money Stealer

18. Budder Golem – The budder golem acts just like an Iron Golem. It tracks torches when walking, and has 200 hearts. It does 2x damage than an Iron Golem, and will give the mob it hits an insane amount of knockback. It can be spawned like an IronGolem, except with Gold Blocks as the body, and Budder Ore as the head.

19. Shaved Jerome – This is a hostile mob. The shaved Jerome is ugly, and will do an insane amount of knockback, and will affect you with Slowness. If you are wearing armor when fighting this mob, it will break your armor completely. It can be spawned by right clicking the ASFJerome mob with shears.

20. Dylan – Dylan is a creation made by MinecraftUniverse. Dylan is a bat that can be tamed, and help you fight. You can tame the Dylan with M.U ingots, and heal it with food. Right click it to make it stay in one place.

21. Yourself – Yourself is a mob just like the T.C members, except it has your skin and your name. Right click it to cure all Potion Effects you have. To tame it, you must use Eye of Enders.

Team Crafted Armor

This mod includes 8 peices of armor, all with unique abilities. Well, some of the armor. But the abilities are pretty freaking cool.

1. HuskyMudkipz Head

2. Minecraft Universe Jetpack

3. Spooky Boobs

4. #TysLeftFoot

5. WeedLion Leggings

6. SSundee’s Glasses

7. Mudkip Fin

8. WeedLions Head – This armor piece has the same durability/resistance as a diamond helmet. However, when you eat food, you will instantly eat it, without holding right click.

9. BlueMonkey’s Feet – This armor piece also has the same durability/resistance as a diamond boot. It will affect you with a Jump Boost (x3), and when you are in air, and you hit SHIFT, you will slam down and any mobs in a 3 block radius will be damaged.

10. TeamCrafted Armor

TeamCrafted Blocks/Ores

There are 8 ores in the mod, each one based of the members of TeamCrafted. Each one drops that members gem. These ores randomly spawn in your Minecraft world.

1. All of the ores:

2. HuskyMudkip TNT

Mod Reviews:

How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download the mod
  • Go to %appdata%
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it
  • If one does not exist you can create one
  • Enjoy the mod

Mod Download Links: