Thanos Gauntlet Data Pack created by McMakistein. Are you a fan of Marvel? Have you watched the latest Avenger: Infinity War film? If not, don’t worry because this map won’t spoil you any information. This is all about the strongest weapon in the Marvel universe, the Infinity Gauntlet, together with six infinity stones. The Infinity Stones are six immensely powerful objects tied to different aspects of the universe, created by the Cosmic Entities. Each of the stones possesses unique capabilities that have been enhanced and altered by various alien civilizations for millennia. Only those also have immense power that they can wield the stones, and when you gather all six of them, half of the universe will die by just a snap. This mad will bring you the infinity gauntlet and will let you try to hold these power for once. Time stone, Mind stone, Reality stone, Power stone, Time stone and Soul stone, all of them have different power and ability. Load it on your map right now to try the strongest weapon ever and to understand why the mad Titan Thanos want it so badly. Download the map from the link below and have fun.

Thanos Gauntlet Map Thumbnail


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How to Install:

  1. Download the data pack from the link below.
  2. Launch Minecraft. At the main menu, choose Singleplayer.
  3. Select the world you want to install this data pack, then click on Edit button at the bottom of the screen. Choose Open World Folder. A window will pop out. Open datapacks folder. Now you should drop the data pack compressed file you have just downloaded into that folder.
  4. Back to the game, press Save to complete.
  5. Enter the world and enjoy. If you didn’t get the installation message, run the command /reload. If you cannot use /reload command, you should create a new world.

Thanos Gauntlet Data Pack Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.13.2

Download from Server 1 – Download from Server 2