The Blanks Mod adds in a new Mob from the CreepyPasta game The Story of the Blanks, a game based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


  • Drops Bones and Rotten Flesh, and if killed by the Player, a random Music Disc.
  • Also has rare chance of drop: 3 Diamonds, 3 Emeralds, 1 Nether Star, 1 Ender Pearl, or 6 Slime Balls.
  • Spawns in Forest, Swamps, and Jungle biomes.
  • It will attack any Cows, Pigs, Chickens, Sheep or Villagers within 16 Block of it, or any player within 64 blocks.
  • Drops 25 XP
  • Is Immune to Fire
  • Deals 5 Hearts worth of damage and causes Wither, Weakness, Blindness, Slowness and Nausea.
  • Has 120 Hearts. (Alittle more health then the Ender Dragon)
  • Immune to regular Knockback.
  • Has a low Chance of Spawning with a Skeleton on it (Blank Jockey anyone?).
  • Has a Spawn Egg.



  • 1. Download ether ModLoader or Minecraft Forge, and this mod.
  • 2. Install Modloader or MinecraftForge for the version you are wanting.
  • 3. Run Minecraft to generate. If you get a black screen, you may have forgotten to delete the META-INF file in the minecraft.jar. If it takes you to the Minecraft Main Menu, then close out Minecraft and Continue the install.
  • 4. Go to you .minecraft folder and Drop the mod into the mods Folder. If there is no Mods Folder, ether you did not run Minecraft after installing ModLoader/MinecraftForge, or it simply didn’t generate for some odd reason. If this happens, just create a folder named mods and place the mod into it.
  • 5. ???
  • 6. Profit.

Download Links for The Blanks Mod: