What mod does?

This mod adds in an entirely new dimension to Minecraft which is populated by creepers. It is a habitable place with trees and lakes, somewhat unlike the Nether. There are a variety of blocks and items that can be obtained in the Creep.

Block and Item descriptions:

  • Creepstone: Main resource found in the Creep, can be crafted into tools and armor.
  • Gunpowder Block: Commonly generated within the Creep, drops 4 Gunpowder. It is quite soft.
  • Solid Nitroglycerine: Generated in the Creep on occasion. It drops 4 Nitroglycerine Powder and is firm.
  • Arbitrium Ore: Generated in the Creep somewhat rarely. It can be smelted to receive an Arbitrium Shard. A pickaxe is needed to mine it.

About the creep:

The Creep is basically an entire new dimension, a dimension that is the noble Creeper’s homeland! Fortunately, the cuddly creatures you encounter in this new land are not your typical explody-creepers, and will only go for the nuclear hug if they decide you are unfriendly (in other words, punching them is a bad idea). But the Creep is not only a haven for Creepers, it can also be yours, too! There are a bucketload of ores lying around in the ground, which will certainly aid you in your survival in the Creep, as well as various plants and livestock for your nutritional needs. Strange forces have given rise to floating islands and have chemically altered all the oceans into liquid nitroglycerine, a powerful explosive that can be picked up with a certain kind of bucket. Whether you conquer the Creepers or live among them, something interesting is bound to happen!

The Creep Mod Wiki:

Mod Screenshots:

The Creep Mod

The Creep Mod

The Creep Mod

The Creep Mod

The Creep Mod


The Creep Mod

The Creep Mod

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A lake of Nitroglycerine with some Arbitrium Ore underneath:


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How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download the mod
  • Go to %appdata%
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it
  • If one does not exist you can create one
  • Enjoy the mod

Notes: This is a Forge mod, so (barring and Block, Item or Biome ID conflicts) it should work well with other Forge mods for the most part. If you have any ID conflicts, just go into.minecraft/config/TheCreep.cfg and change the numbers in that file.




  • Creepium Ore, Creep style! It can now also generate in the Creep!
  • Updated the generator, floating islands are fewer and further between, and removed an utterly useless piece of code that generated them underground. Big performance boost.
  • Caves and Ravines now generate in the Creep!
  • Added AVM, a special kind of explosive!
  • Creeper Knights now physically wear Arbitrium Armor, it’s no longer just a texture.
  • A few texture improvements, namely to armor sets, which were very bland.
  • Creep Portals can now be ANY size from 3×4 to 23×23 blocks!
  • Fluorostone Torches now have a custom ‘green fire’ particle.
  • Added Creeper Helmets and Creeper Knight Helmets! Rare drops, aesthetic only.
  • Added Photonium Block, crafted with 9 Photonium Fragments.
  • Language updates, and (partial) French support! Oh la la!
  • ECD, AVM and Gunpowder now all render properly when primed.
  • Custom Spawn Eggs are now fully supported!


  • Arbitrium Bucket: Craft them with Arbitrium Shards in a ‘V’ shape, they can hold nitroglycerine.
  • Creepstone Bricks: Crafted like your regular stone bricks, but with Creepstone.
  • Fluorostone Torches: Crafted with a stick and a Fluorostone Dust.
  • Stickgrass: Grows in the Creep, can be crafted into fruit to eat.
  • Stickgrass Fruit: Heals you for 1.5 hunger.
  • Changed the Creep Portal texture. Uses the default Portal texture, but it is animated
  • Fixed Bonemeal not being consumed to grow Creep Saplings.
  • Creep Logs are now rotatable!
  • Creep Leaves decay properly.
  • Gunpowder blocks now act as a weak explosive.
  • Baby Creepers are actually smaller than their parents now.
  • Removed some obsolete blocks.
  • Made lakes in the Creep larger and more common.
  • Creepstone can now be used to craft a furnace.

Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.6.2

For Minecraft 1.6.4

For Minecraft 1.7.2