Here is some informations about The North Pole – Santa’s Secret Village Map for Minecraft Frostburn that you can need before download it.

The North Pole – Santa’s Secret Village Map Screenshots:

The North Pole Santa’s Secret Village

  • The secret location of Christmas Village is only know to Father Christmas and the elves.
  • Come Explore the the village where all the elves make all holiday wishes come true!
  • You can find Santa’s Home, Santa’s workshop the reindeer’s barn and the elves secret garden where they celebrate when they have completed all of their duties to fulfill the Christmas wishes.

You will find all of the these elves homes in the village

  • Alabaster Snowball – Administrator of the Naughty & Nice list.
  • Bushy Evergreen – Inventor of the magic toy-making machine.
  • Pepper Minstix – Guardian of the secret of where Father Christmas’s village is located.
  • Shinny Upatree – The oldest friend of Santa and the co-founder of the secret village in Lapland.
  • Sugarplum Mary – Head of the Sweat Treats, she is also known as Mary Christmas. She is an assistant to Mrs Claus and helps her in the kitchen.
  • Wunorse Openslae – Designer of Father Christmas’s sleigh and responsible for its maintenance. He also looks after the reindeer’s and it is believed that his reindeer’s reach speeds faster than Christmas tree lights.
  • Buddy – He likes maple syrup.

Important Settings:

  • Recommend that the schematic be placed in a snow biome to prevent ice and snow melt.
  • The schematic is a smaller version it does not contain the secret garden. Only the world save has that portion of the map.
  • Recommend using world guard to prevent fire spread or putting out all fires so you don’t burn everything down
  • Recommend turning off mobs to keep Santas village safe

Hope everyone enjoys and to all happy holidays!

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