TooManyPlants Mod 1.4.7 is a mod for anyone who wishes that Minecraft had more in the way of naturally occurring botany and has somehow missed all of the other mods that already do that. As of version 1.5.0, it adds a total of 15 new generating plants, as well as a reasonable number of new items to craft with them.

TooManyPlants Mod Screenshots:

TooManyPlants Mod Recipes:

TooManyPlants Mod Installation:

  • 1. Install Minecraft Forge.
  • 2. Place TooManyPlants.jar in the mods folder in .minecraft.
  • This is for both client and server!

TooManyPlants Mod Changelogs:

  • Updated for 1.4.6!
  • TooManyPlants Mod now reports (anonymously) how many unique IPs use it. If you want to disable it, add ‘B:snoop=false’ to the misc section of your config before updating.
  • Added autocrafting shears!

Download Links for TooManyPlants Mod 1.4.7