WarFront Mod isn’t just a mod its a game changer, it adds a completely new feel to the minecraft environment. With over 200 new items, including over 130 Weapons, 10 new Biomes, 1 new Mob, and fully customizable Pills. With this mod you will be able to see minecraft as it was meant to be seen. And if you thought vanilla minecraft was awesome your mind will be blown away by this mod. Be the first to experience this new form of minecraft and life on the WarFront



This mod adds tons of new weapons including Maces, BattleAxes, WarHammers, Knives, and custom Staffs. Now the Maces, BattleAxes, WarHammers, and Knives can all be crafted with the vanilla minecraft stuff like diamond, gold, iron, stone, and wood, but they can also be made with Dirt, Snow, Coal, Glass, Redstone, Emerald, Obsidian, and Lapis and they have Sword counter parts too! The custom Staffs can be made to induce potion effects and cripple your enemy or just be a weapon of mass destruction.


There are two different kinds of Staffs, there are the potion inducers and the special ones. The Potion Inducers can be used to cripple your enemy while the Special staffs can be used for teleportation, explosives, and for striking down an opponent with lightning. Here I will go more in depth with them.

Potion Inducers:

  • Upgradeable by 3 levels.
  • Potion Effects: Poison, Wither, Weakness, Slowness
  • Can be combined to make the ultimate weapon.

Special Staffs:

  • 3 Different Types: Explosive, Smiting, and Teleporting Staff.
  • Explosive: Right Click to explode the ground like primed TNT.
  • Smiting: Right Click to smite your enemies with a lightning bolt.
  • Teleporting: Right Click to teleport anywhere everywhere.



  • Sky Color: Teal
  • Plants: None
  • Temperature: Freezing
  • Animals: Groups of Snow and Iron Golems
  • Height: Large Mountains
  • Water: Frozen Ponds


  • Sky Color: Light Blue
  • Plants: None
  • Temperature: Very Hot
  • Animals: Groups of Skeletons and Swipers
  • Height: Hills
  • Water: Toxic Ponds

Forgotten Forest:

  • Sky Color: Light Blue
  • Plants: Spruce
  • Temperature: Humid
  • Animals: Groups of Zombies and Swipers
  • Height: Large Mountains
  • Water: Ponds

Mysterious Woods:

  • Sky Color: Light Blue
  • Plants: Spruce and Birch
  • Temperature: Cool
  • Animals: Rare Cave Spiders and Bats
  • Height: Large Mountains and Massive Overhangs.
  • Water: Deep Oceans


  • Sky Color: Light Blue
  • Plants: Grass
  • Temperature: Humid
  • Animals: Chickens and Cows
  • Height: Flatland
  • Water: Shallow Lakes


  • Sky Color: Light Yellow
  • Plants: Grass and Oak Trees
  • Temperature: Warm
  • Animals: Cows and Pigs
  • Height: Flatland
  • Water: Dirty Ponds


  • Sky Color: Dark Gray
  • Plants: None
  • Temperature: Very Hot
  • Animals: None
  • Height: Rolling Hills
  • Water: Ash Filled Water


  • Sky Color: Light Blue
  • Plants: Apple and Orange Trees
  • Temperature: Cool
  • Animals: Passive Mobs
  • Height: Rolling Hills
  • Water: Clean Water

Cherry Grove:

  • Sky Color: Light Pink
  • Plants: Cherry Trees
  • Temperature: Cool
  • Animals: Passive Mobs
  • Height: Rolling Hills
  • Water: Clean Water


  • Sky Color: Gray
  • Plants: Dead Trees
  • Temperature: Warm
  • Animals: Groups of Creepers
  • Height: Flatland
  • Water: Dirty Water


Reinforced Bow:

  • 700 uses
  • 50% slower

Plated Bow:

  • 1400 uses
  • 100% slower

Flaming Bow:

  • 384 uses
  • 50% faster
  • Sets Fire To Entities

Punching Bow:

  • 384 uses
  • 40% faster
  • 100% Stronger
  • Knockback inducing

Rail Bow:

  • 200 uses
  • 100% faster


  • Name: Swiper
  • Type: Monster/Human
  • Spawns: Forgotten Forest
  • Drops: Gold Nuggets and Stone Swords
  • Hostile Against: Villagers and You
  • Health: 45 half hearts
  • Damage Dealt: 3 Half Hearts



All of the weapons


Orchard and Cherry Grove




  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download WarFront Mod zip file
  • Unzip zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder.
  • Done


Classes Update


  • 70% Strength, 0% Magic, 30% Speed
  • Traits: Knockback (Level 3)
  • Special: Boomer


  • 80% Strength, 10% Magic, 10% Speed
  • Traits: Knockback (Level 7)
  • Special: Charger


  • 30% Strength, 0% Magic, 70% Speed
  • Traits: Speed (Level 3)
  • Special: Sprint


  • 10% Strength, 10% Magic, 80% Speed
  • Traits: Looting (Level 2)
  • Special: Looter


  • 30% Strength, 20% Magic, 50% Speed
  • Traits: Night Vision
  • Special: Sneak


  • 30% Strength, 30% Magic, 40% Speed
  • Traits: Fire
  • Special: WildFire

WarFront Mod Alchemist

  • 10% Strength, 50% Magic, 40% Speed
  • Traits: Potions (Poison, Weakness, Slowness, Instant Damage)
  • Special: Regeneration

Download Links for WarFront Mod: