Zap Apple Mod 1.4.6 is still very young, and there are many things that need to be added, such as meteor shower effects, and Zap Apple Jam food. However, this mod is functional and is pretty slick.

This mod brings Zap Apples into the world of Minecraft. Yes, it is based off of the My Little Pony television series, but this mod was made to not only be used by those who watch the show, but by those who do not as well. As you explore new areas, you might stumble upon a peculiar purple tree, taller than the rest, and clothed with no leaves. If you observe the tree a while longer, you might began to see some strange things…


The stages change every Minecraft day, and even if the stage has not been completed when the day is over, the next stage will occur. After the last stage, there is about 20 days until stage 1 will happen again. You can edit the current stage where the world is saved in the ZapApples.txt file. Please note that I will be improving upon the effects each stage has in future versions. They are rather simple right now.

Stage 1:

You’ll hear the howl of a timberwolf if you’re close enough.

Stage 2:

Leaves will grow overtime (4 per second) and there is a 10% chance that lightning will strike within 10 blocks of the trunk when a leaf grows.

Stage 3:

Flowers will appear around the tree.

Stage 4:

The flowers will turn into Premature Zap Apples, which are impossible to break. If you do spawn them in, when you eat them there will be some unpleasant side effects.

Stage 5:

Zap Apples will grow from the premature ones and will be ready to harvest. There is a 50% chance that lightning will strike when an apple grows. There is a lot of lightning in this stage.

Stage 6:

This isn’t really a stage, but the leaves will slowly disappear from the tree, and if there are any Zap Apples left, they will be dropped.


A Jar is made like so.

Zap Apple Bread can be crafted with jam and bread, in any order.

You can craft Zap Apple Pie like so.

Zap Apple Cake is make like this.

Industrial Cauldrons are made with the following materials.

You can create purple dye from Zap Apple Logs also.


This mod requires Minecraft Forge to be installed.

  • After that is installed, simply place the Jar file you downloaded into the /mods folder of your Minecraft directory. The same files are used for both the client and the vanilla server.
  • To change any block IDs or toggle the lightning, just edit the config file which will be created in /config/ZapApples.cfg .

Zap Apple Mod Changelogs:


  • Added breaking effects to stages 4 and 5, layed groundwork for cakes.

Download Links for Zap Apple Mod 1.4.6

For Minecraft 1.4.6

For Minecraft 1.4.5