20 Unfixed Duplication Glitches in Minecraft: A Complete Guide

In the ever-evolving world of Minecraft, players are constantly discovering new ways to exploit the game’s mechanics to their advantage. One such method is duplication glitches, which allow players to multiply their items without the usual effort. In this article, we delve into 20 duplication glitches and bugs that still work in Minecraft 1.19+.

The Art of Duplication in Minecraft

Duplication glitches in Minecraft are not new. They have been around since the game’s inception, and despite numerous updates and patches, some of these glitches have managed to slip through the cracks. These glitches allow players to duplicate items, providing an unfair advantage in survival mode or a convenient shortcut in creative mode.

Infinite Trading with Villagers

Set your view distance to 2 chunks. Hop into a minecart , click a button and quickly open the trading interface. Once you reach the other end, complete the trades until you can’t trade anymore. Repeat this process and you’ll find that you can trade again without having to wait for cooldowns.

Rail Duplication

Build a small piston machine, and you won’t have to worry about crafting rails anymore. This glitch has been in the game for over 6 years and hasn’t been fixed.

Mob Pathfinding Exploit

Mobs in the game can’t jump over a trapdoor. Even the biggest and strongest mob in the game can’t do it. Just place some trapdoors in a square and lead the warden in there. For some reason, it can’t pathfinder out of there and is just stuck. So now you can easily kill it without the warden even being able to damage you.

Shulker Duplication

Shulker farms have been pretty popular since Minecraft introduced the shulker duplicating feature. A time-consuming part of the farm building is finding and bringing the shulker to the overworld. Instead of spawn proofing the whole center portal, just use some rails. Run them here and place the activator rail. Make sure that there are some blocks around this part and then power the activator rail. Push your shulker in there, and boom. It’s in the overworld without having to waste time on spawn-proofing.

String Duplication

By building a simple contraption with water, string, and some tripwire hook, you can dupe strings. Just let the water flow over it and boom. You have more string than you placed down. String can be traded for emeralds. And when you get the trade down to just 1 string = 1 emerald, you are basically duplicating emeralds at this point.

Using Weakness Arrows for Curing Villagers

When curing villagers, don’t use a weakness potion, instead use the weakness arrows. Having a piercing enchantment on your crossbow not only lets you give weakness effect to 5 different villagers with one shot. But it also lets you pick up the arrow after the shot. So you can use it however many times you want. This is much cheaper than brewing potions every time and the arrows can be bought from a fletcher so you don’t even need the dragon’s breath to craft them yourself.

Breaking Unbreakable Blocks

End portal frames can’t be broken with just a pickaxe. But there is a way, with using a mushroom and bonemealing it. This will grow into a bigger mushroom and while doing so, destroy the end portal frames.

Gravity Block Duplication

By placing some fences under the portal and then letting things fall INTO the portal, we can actually duplicate the gravity blocks. And if you want to automate it, you just have to build something like this.

Fall Damage Prevention

Getting down from a tall mountain doesn’t have to be painful. The fix is to just use a boat. There’s a bug that when falling from high heights while sitting in a boat, you won’t take any damage.

Block to Diamond Conversion

Here’s how you can turn any block into diamonds. You will just need a stack of diamonds and a stack of whatever blocks, let’s say dirt. Place down a chest, a TNT, and a lever at the end. Pull the lever and quickly open the chest. Juggle between the 2 stacks by holding down number 1 until the TNT explodes. And easy as that, your dirt is now diamonds!

Underwater TNT Explosion

Have you ever wanted to use TNT underwater but quickly realized it doesn’t really work? Yeah, me too. Before lighting up your TNT, just place a sand or gravel block on top of it. This will make your TNT actually explode and all you needed was just 1 extra block.

AFK Clicking

This next bug will help you to AFK just a little bit better. Holding down your right or left click and pressing F3+T and letting go of them on this screen, will keep your mouse button stuck, holding itself down. It’s a super cool bug for when you want to AFK in the cobblestone generator for example.

Tripwire Hook Duplication

You will need to place a couple of trapdoors like this, next to them the tripwire hooks and then connect everything with string. Now running over the string will break the contraption but it will also duplicate the tripwire hooks. They can be traded for emeralds, so basically another dupe to get emeralds!

Faster Rail Travel

Curved rails are actually faster than just straight ones. The diagonal piston bolts use a similar system, so if you want your rails to be just a bit faster, build them like this!

Carpet Duplication

By just using some slime, dead coral fans, and carpet. We can make yourselves an infinite source of fuel. The dupers can also be used as decoration.

Thorns Enchantment Trick

Have an armour piece with the thorns enchantment. Then, even when you are not wearing it, it still damages the mobs when they attack you.

Slab Trick

When you happen to get lost to 30 million blocks away from spawn, just place a slab and use a piston to push 2 together.

X-Ray Glitch with a Pet Pig

When the 2 of you get down in the caves, build an area that is 1.5 blocks high. Once that is done, hop on onto your pig friend and ride here. BOOM, you can see everything above.

Exploring End Islands Without Killing the Dragon

Remove the lava and blocks under the portal. Place a piston right here, go in front of it and then add the Redstone block. Easy as that, you will spawn next to the outer end islands.

Shield Glitch in the Nether

Hold up your shield when entering the nether and when you arrive just let go. Your shield is now permanently up and the mobs can’t attack you. But at the same time, you can also use your sword or pickaxe without any problems! It feels like there’s a force field around you.


Minecraft is a game of endless possibilities, and these duplication glitches are just a small part of what makes the game so intriguing. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie, these glitches can add a new layer of fun to your Minecraft experience.

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