Are you tired of the same boring Skyblock maps that are just islands and have no internet as a server? Don’t worry, because Above SkyBlock has arrived, a SkyBlock server that is multiplayer. Above Sky Map (1.19) includes a lobby with modified difficulties and a selection of kits.


Changing the Difficulty also changes the island as follows:

The SkyBlock contains 8 different Islands with respective Biomes:

Not only does it have that, but it also contains a Castle which is the lobby of the SkyBlock where you can go to the Mine, Dungeon, Temples, and shops.

There are different shops to sell items or buy them, just look for the NPC with the product you want.

The stores will look like this:

In the mine, you can find a Mineral Generator but this is not free you have to unlock all of them to advance in your adventure:

In the Dungeon, you can fight against Mobs to get Items and XP but the entrance costs, and it costs XP, you can also upgrade it to get better mobs:

Also in the castle, you will find the altars where the Treasures go to unlock the final portal that you will find in the Temples:

Now you can choose the Kit you want when you start your game:

Return to your island with Lean, the NPC at the castle entrance:

The map is in its develop so it will be updated over time.

More languages will be added soon.

How to install:

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Above Sky Map (1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

mcworld: Download from server 1Download from server 2

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