Welcome to Ace Survival Server, the ultimate destination for an incredible Minecraft survival experience! Immerse yourself in a vibrant community where you can forge new friendships, unleash your creativity by crafting unique warps, engage in fulfilling job opportunities, amass wealth, unwind, and enjoy leisurely hangouts

Join us as one of the original pioneers, embarking on an adventure that begins at the very foundation of our server! Whether you seek simple survival gameplay, the joy of making new friends, or an overall amazing time, we are the perfect choice for you. Discover a friendly community, robust land-claim systems, diverse job options, ranks, and a multitude of exciting features that will keep you engaged and entertained. Don’t miss out on the extraordinary journey that awaits you at Ace Survival!

Server Information

Author: AceSurvival

Server name: Ace SMP

Server Location: United States

Minecraft Platform: Java

Supported Version: 1.20.2

Game types: Survival, SMP, PvE, Vanilla, Economy, PvP

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Experience the thrill of survival like never before at our Minecraft server! Our survival gamemode offers a heart-pounding adventure where you must navigate the untamed wilderness, build your own shelter, gather resources, and fend off dangerous creatures that lurk in the night.

Immerse yourself in a vast and immersive world, filled with diverse biomes, towering mountains, lush forests, and expansive oceans. Explore uncharted territories, uncover hidden treasures, and embark on daring expeditions to unravel the secrets of the land.As you progress, unlock new abilities, upgrade your gear, and unlock coveted ranks that showcase your achievements. Engage in exciting player-versus-player battles in designated arenas, or test your mettle against powerful bosses in thrilling encounters.

Our survival game mode is complemented by a friendly and supportive community, where players can seek assistance, share their accomplishments, and participate in exciting events. With our land-claim systems, you can protect your hard-earned creations from griefers and ensure a secure environment for your endeavors.

  • Features in Survival gamemode:
    • Claiming land
    • Build a farm
    • Jobs
    • Making employment form
    • Market
    • Ranking Up
    • No griefing & scamming


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