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Advancement Pack (1.17) gives spice to your gameplay by bringing Java advancements into Bedrock Edition with this add-on! Featuring a Java-like popup display whenever you unlock an achievement and advancement, per world per player.


Pop-up Toast Display:

Upon unlocking an advancement, like in the original Java edition, a pop-up message would appear. This feature has been implemented into this add-on:



Minecraft – the heart and story of the game:

  1. Stone Age – Mine stone with your new pickaxe and then hold it
  2. Getting an Upgrade – Construct a better pickaxe and hold it
  3. Acquire Hardware – Smelt an iron ingot and then hold it
  4. Suit Up – Protect yourself with a piece of iron armor
  5. Hot Stuff – Fill a bucket with lava
  6. Isn’t it Iron Pick – Get your hands on an iron pickaxe
  7. Not Today, Thank you – Try blocking with a shield
  8. Ice Bucket Challenge – Obtain a block of obsidian and then hold it
  9. Diamonds! – Acquire diamonds and then hold it
  10. We Need to Go Deeper – Build, light and enter a Nether portal
  11. Cover Me With Diamonds – Diamond armor saves lives so wear the full set
  12. Enchanter – (Unobtainable for now)
  13. Zombie Doctor – Weaken and then cure a Zombie Villager
  14. Eye Spy – Throw an Eye of Ender
  15. The End? – Enter the End dimension


Nether – bring summer clothes:

  1. Return to Sender – Destroy a Ghast with fireball
  2. Those Were the Days – Enter a bastion remnant
  3. Hidden in the Depths – Obtain Ancient Debris and then hold it
  4. Subspace Bubble – Use the Nether to travel 7 km in the Overworld (Use the Nether to travel between 2 points in the Overworld with a minimum horizontal distance of 7000 blocks between each other, 875 blocks in the Nether)
  5. A Terrible Fortress – (Unobtainable for now)
  6. Who is Cutting Onions? – Obtain Crying Obsidian and then hold it
  7. Oh Shiny! – Distract Piglins with Gold by bartering with it
  8. This Boat has Legs – Ride a Strider with a Warped Fungus on a Stick
  9. Uneasy Alliance – Rescue a Ghast from the Nether, bring it safely home to the Overworld… and then kill it (Kill a Ghast while in the Overworld)
  10. War Pigs – (Unobtainable for now)
  11. Country Lode, Take me Home – Have a Lodestone compass in your inventory (AdvancementPlus required)
  12. Netherite armor – Wear a full set of Netherite Armor
  13. Spooky Scary Skeleton – Obtain a Wither Skeleton’s head and then hold it
  14. Into Fire – Get your hands on a Blaze rod
  15. Not Quite “Nine” Lives – (Unobtainable for now)
  16. Hot Tourist Destinations – Explore all (5) Nether Biomes
  17. Withering Heights – Summon the Wither
  18. Local Brewery – Get your hands on a potion bottle
  19. Bring Home the Beacon – Construct and place a beacon
  20. A Furious Cocktail – Have every potion effect applied at the same time
  21. Beaconator – (Unobtainable for now)
  22. How Did We Get Here? – Have every effect applied at the same time

The End:

The End – enter The End dimension:

  1. Free the End – Good luck (Kill the Ender Dragon)
  2. The Next Generation – Hold the Dragon Egg
  3. Remote Getaway – (Unobtainable for now)
  4. The End… Again… – Respawn the Ender Dragon (Have someone who has unlocked the “Free the End” advancement with you before, and then summon the Ender Dragon using End Crystals)
  5. You Need a Mint – Collect dragon’s breath in a glass bottle and then hold it
  6. The City at the End of the Game – (Unobtainable for now)
  7. Sky’s the Limit – Find and wear a pair of Elytra wings
  8. Great View From Up Here – Levitate 50 blocks up from attacks of Shulker (Move a distance of 50 blocks in the Y-axis with the Levitation effect applied)


Adventure – adventure, exploration, and combat of the game:

  1. Voluntary Exile – Kill a raid captain.
  2. Monster Hunter – Kill any hostile monster (Kill any vanilla entity with a ‘monster’ family)
  3. What a Deal! – (Unobtainable for now)
  4. Sticky Situation – Jump into a Honey Block to break your fall (Collide on a horizontal side of a honey block when in air)
  5. Ol’ Betsy – Shoot a Crossbow
  6. Sweet Dreams – Sleep in a bed to change your respawn point
  7. Hero of the Village – Successfully defend a Village from a raid
  8. A Throwaway Joke – Throw a trident at something
  9. Take Aim – Shoot something with an arrow using your bow
  10. Monsters Hunted – Kill one of every hostile monster
  11. Postmortal – Use a Totem of Undying to cheat death (Activate a totem of undying by taking fatal damage)
  12. Hired Help – Summon an Iron Golem
  13. Two Birds, One Arrow – Kill Phantoms with a piercing arrow (Use a crossbow enchanted with Piercing to kill two phantoms at once)
  14. Who’s the Pillager Now? – Give a Pillager a taste of their own medicine (Kill a pillager with a crossbow)
  15. Arbalistic – Kill five unique mobs with one crossbow shot
  16. Adventuring Time – Discover every biome in the overworld
  17. Very Very Frightening – Strike a Villager with lightning (Hit a villager with lightning created by a trident with the Channeling enchantment)
  18. Sniper Duel – Kill a Skeleton from at least 50 meters away (Kill a skeleton with a projectile while being at least 50 blocks away horizontally)
  19. Bullseye – (Unobtainable for now)
  20. Light as a Rabbit – Walk on powder snow… without sinking
  21. Surge Protector – (Unobtainable for now)
  22. Is It A Bird? – look at the parrot through the spyglass
  23. Is It A Balloon? – look at the ghast through the spyglass
  24. Is It A Plane? – look at the ender dragon through the spyglass


Husbandry – the world is full of friends and food:

  1. Bee Our Guest – Get your hands on a honey bottle
  2. The Parrots and the Bats – (Unobtainable for now)
  3. Best Friends Forever – Tame an animal
  4. Fishy Bussiness – Cast a fishing rod
  5. Total Beelocation – Have a bee nest in your hand
  6. A Seedy Place – Plant a seed, and watch it grow
  7. Two by Two – (Unobtainable for now)
  8. A Complete Catalouge – Tame all cat variants!
  9. Tactical Fishing – Catch a fish… without a fishing rod! (Have a bucket of fish in your hand)
  10. A Balanced Diet – Eat everything that is edible, even if it’s not good for you (Eat every vanilla food in-game, the cake is not yet counted)
  11. Serious Dedication – Use a Netherite ingot to upgrade a hoe, and then reevaluate your life choices (Have a netherite hoe in your hand)
  12. Wax On – (Unobtainable for now)
  13. Wax Off – (Unobtainable for now)
  14. The Cutest Predator – catch an axolotl in a bucket
  15. The Healing Power of Friendship – help the axolotl win a fight
  16. Glow and Behold! – (Unobtainable for now)
  17. Whatever Floats Your Goat! – float in a boat with a goat


This add-on also supports legacy Java achievements – back when before it was replaced with advancements:

The achievement system before consisted of only one tree – featuring 33 achievements in total:

  1. Getting Wood – Attack a tree until a block of wood pops out
  2. Benchmarking – Craft a workbench with four blocks of planks
  3. Time to Mine! – Use planks and sticks to make a pickaxe
  4. Hot Topic – Construct a furnace out of eight cobblestone blocks
  5. Acquire Hardware – Smelt an iron ingot
  6. Time to Farm! – Use planks and sticks to make a hoe
  7. Bake Bread – Turn wheat into bread
  8. The Lie – Bake cake using wheat, sugar, milk, and eggs!
  9. Getting an Upgrade – Construct a better pickaxe
  10. Delicious Fish – Catch and cook a fish!
  11. On A Rail – Travel by minecart at least 1 km from where you started
  12. Time to Strike! – Use planks and sticks to make a sword
  13. Monster Hunter – Attack and destroy a monster
  14. Cow Tipper – Harvest some leather
  15. When Pigs Fly – Fly a pig off a cliff
  16. Sniper Duel – Kill a skeleton with an arrow from more than 50 meters
  17. DIAMONDS! – Acquire diamonds with your iron tools
  18. We Need to Go Deeper – Build a portal to the Nether
  19. Return to Sender – Destroy a Ghast with a fireball
  20. Into Fire – Relieve a Blaze of its rod
  21. Local Brewery – Brew a potion
  22. The End? – Locate the End
  23. The End. – Defeat the Ender Dragon
  24. Enchanter – (Unobtainable for now)
  25. Overkill – (Unobtainable for now)
  26. Librarian – Build some bookshelves to improve your enchantment table
  27. Adventuring Time – Discover all biomes
  28. The Beginning? – Spawn the Wither
  29. The Beginning. – Kill the Wither
  30. Beaconator – Create a full beacon
  31. Repopulation – (Unobtainable for now)
  32. Diamonds to you! – Throw diamonds at another player
  33. Overpowered – Eat the Notch apple

“How to Play” Section:

Visit the “how to play” section when you’re feeling a little lost. It contains every achievements and advancements you can unlock, and learn more about what the add-on has to offer!


Check Progress:

You can use the /function check command to check your completed, or advancement(s) in progress. A custom UI may be implemented soon, in the meantime, you may use the following commands:

  • /function check/progress – checks only current advancement in progress
  • /function check/all – checks which advancements have been completed too

Granting & Revoking Advancements:

You can grant, and revoke advancements specifically, everything or per section:

Usage: use the /function command followed by a path…

  • advancement/grant/(advancement_section)/(advancement_name)
  • advancement/revoke/(advancement_section)/(advancement_name)
  • advancement/revoke/(advancement_section)/all
  • advancement/revoke/all

To manage the advancement of another player, you’d have to use the /execute command and execute the function from them.

Giving & Taking Achievements:

You can also give and take achievements:

Usage: use the /function command followed by a path…

  • achievement/give/(achievement_name)
  • achievement/take/(achievement_name)
  • achievement/take/all

To manage the achievement of another player, you’d have to use the /execute command and execute the function from them.

Pre-requisites & Custom Pop-Ups:

UI Changes:

For content creators and map makers:

This add-on changes how existing UI’s display, and it is not recommended to use this add-on with other packs or some existing maps:

  • title: advancement header
  • subtitle: advancement name
  • actionbar: icon texture path

Yes, you can also make your own advancement. Please check the functions folder, from there you’ll see a text. Refer to that as the documentation.

‘Experiments’ Required:

You need to enable the following ‘experiments’ in order for this add-on to work:

Advanced Item Detection:

This add-on can detect items in your inventory, so you no longer need to hold the items just to unlock a said achievement/advancement. This detection system best works in single player, but it does work in multiplayer.

Localization Support:


Advancement Pack (1.17) Download Links:

.mcaddon: Download from server 1Download from server 2

.zip file: Download from server 1Download from server 2

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