Have you ever gotten tired of the boring, old Minecraft biomes? Where the original tools of Minecraft just were not good enough? Ever wanted to see new mobs and creatures? Well with Amberoguia Mod 1.7.10, all of these things are added!


Amberoguia Mod Agriculture

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The only way right now to obtain an Amberoguia is to grow it…

The Amberoguia Crop is grown from Amberoguia Seeds which are naturally found similar to ordinary Wheat Seeds within patches of Tall Grass.

The Amberoguia Crop has four growth stages.

When done, the crop should drop at least 1 Amberoguia Item and an Amberoguia Seed.

The other crop added is the Okazaki Crop.

Okazaki Crops are planted from Okazaki Seeds which are crafted like above.

They have four growing stages, and when done, they drop both Okazaki Seeds and Okazaki Pieces.

(See Additional Crafting for Hardened Leather recipe and uses for Okazaki Pieces.)

Amberoguia Mod Additional Crafting

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Amberoguia Seeds

You can also craft Amberoguia Seeds by surrounding a Wheat Seed with Amberoguia Fragments.
Amberoguia Fragments

Amberoguia Fragments can be crafted from 6 Amberoguia Seeds or 6 Amberoguia Fruit
Amberoguia Material

These fragments will be used to surround an Amberoguia to create Amberoguia Material. This is what is going to be used to craft weapons, tools, armor, and other material items.
Hardened Leather

Hardened Leather will be used in many crafting recipes in the future. It is crafted by combining leather and iron into one.
Operon Ore
Operon Ore spawn naturally in the world between the height of 10 and 60.
It can be mined using anything with a harvest level of iron and higher (including Amberoguia Tools). It drops 1 to 5 Operon.

Operon also glow slightly in the dark, making them easy to find in cave systems.
GMOD Amber

Operon can be combined with the ingredients above to create an Operon Paste.

This Operon Paste can be combined with an Okazaki Piece (yielded from Okazaki Crops) to create a unique serum known as G-1, or Genetic Modifying Serum #1.

By injecting the serum into an Amberoguia Crop (as shown above) you can modify the Amberoguia to and Genetically Modified Amberoguia. There is a substantial increase in benefits offered between the two foods.

In the future, there will be more serums, as well as more crops to able to be modified.

Amberoguia Mod Blocks

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With the Amberoguia Item, you can craft beautiful Amberoguia Blocks (these are mostly just for decoration right now).

Amberoguia Blocks are crafted with 9 Amberoguia.

You can construct your own buildings using these blocks, or add beautiful designs onto pre-existing ones!

You could create limitless floor designs…

Lastly, these blocks give off a small amount of light, similar to a Glowstone block, but not as bright.

Two more Amberoguia Themed blocks that are added are the Amberoguia Stone Bricks and Amberoguia Cobblestone. Both of these are crafted by soaking the juices of one Amberoguia with the corresponding block. The default texture of these is above.

I’ve noticed that some might think these colors are dull and not fitting with the theme of this mod, so I made an alternative. If you would like the brighter textures, shown above, then you can change that in the config file.

Amberoguia Mod More Food

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Amberoguia Juice can be obtained by yankin’ on a Parkog’s utter. You will need a bucket to catch the juice. One can drink the juice for a total healing of 1.5 hearts.Also, believe it or not, Amberoguia is actually a food item as well! So go ahead to eat it, once you have some!

Amberoguia Mod Mobs

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A new Amberoguia Lizard is also added…. Although they may not seem much of a threat, these little guys are quite annoying. What they lack in health, they make up for in speed. They also can spawn anywhere!

The Amberoguia Parkog is a extra-terrestrial mix between somewhat of a hedgehog and and armadillo. They are peaceful creatures which will spawn anywhere in few numbers. (Go to “More Food” for some more details)

Like all good Amberoguia Mobs, they are attracted to the smell of an Amberoguia, and when given one Amberoguia, will fall into a “love mode.” At times, these creatures can move at the speed of lightning, if they feel threatened. Additionally, because of their alien nature, their skin may look distorted to the Minecraftia eye.

Amberoguia Mod Tools

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5 Amberoguia Tools are added, which crafted from Amberoguia Material in the normal tool recipes. They are better than stone and worse than iron, and have 150 max uses.

There are also Operon tools, crafted from Operon Ingot.

Amberoguia Mod Armor

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Amberoguia Armor is added, which crafted from Amberoguia Material in the normal armor recipes.

Additionally there is Operon armor, crafted from Operon Ingot.

How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the mod.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • If the “mods” folder does not exist you can create one.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  • Enjoy the mod.

Download Links for Amberoguia Mod 1.7.10

For Minecraft 1.7.10

Download from Server 1

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