Ashen Map (1.21.1, 1.20.1) is a horror map designed by Supersette. In this map, you’ll find yourself trapped in a haunted facility. To escape, you must gather essential resources, confront menacing spirits of darkness, and light candles to pierce the suffocating gloom. Be cautious, as lurking monsters pose a constant threat, and prolonged exposure to darkness can erode your sanity. Your ultimate goal is to defeat the formidable chaos monster on the facility’s second floor, a feat achievable only by crafting three spirits: Evil, Neutral, and Holy. Health and sanity regenerate exclusively at your base, with outside candles offering a touch of solace. Whether you dare to face this eerie challenge solo or with friends, the Ashen Horror Map promises an immersive experience, perfect for both casual exploration and speed runs. Will you emerge from the shadows and conquer the horrors that await within?


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