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This is “Ashes of Sakura”. Ashes of Sakura Map is a Cherry Blossom tree (Sakura)



Long ago in ancient Chinese history, there was a tremendous earthquake. This earthquake shook the ground so hard that all the trees lost their leaves, as the leaves fell to the ground they would incinerate, as the earth was so hot! Volcano’s started erupting causing havoc over all of China. There was no nature left as far as the eye could see. Until! A brave adventurer, on his journey along the coast found the gigantic Sakura standing undamaged by the elements. As he walked closer he could see a mysterious glow coming from the roots, he cut a few off and headed back inland. There was special powers in that root, as he planted it in the most secure place he could find, the root suddenly started to grow up high into the sky. The tree kept on growing and growing, it suddenly stopped, he stared up at the tree, everything around was so still. a small gust of wind came by and took some of the leaves with it, he watched the leaves fly above the land and noticed as they where moving across the plains, everything was coming back to life. From now on the Chinese look at the Sakura tree as the tree of life.

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