Once upon a time, before Steve came and before creepers could be seen resting from the daylight in the caves, there was a race of intelligent creatures, that inhabited this world. It was a technological race, which managed to advance in many superior technologies. But, due to unclear circumstances, the race disappeared, leaving nothing but mysterious traces of its existence. Now it’s up to you to uncover the mystery and obtain the technologies of the ancients…

Features and Screenshots:


World Gen:

First of all, Astral Crystals. They are a crystallized form of energy that exists in the world. They are the basic material and are used in many recipes. To mine it, you need at least a stone pick.

Ancient Remains are remaining pieces of ancient technologies.

Breaking this remains will result in it dropping one of the four items:

By researching them you can discover and recreate machines and items, once used by the ancients.

Energy Pockets are really useful when mining. Basically, it’s an energey bomb ready to explode. All it needs is 10 Astral Crystals as fuel (just throw them in there). It will only destroy blocks above it, thus eliminating danger of falling into lava.

Also, while wondering deep dark caves (y < 30), you can find Ancient Transmitter – a mysterious block that does no one knows what. So use it with caution.


Workbench is a basic block that allows you to assemble other machines.

Each assembly, though, requires a specific amount of fuel.

To use ancient technologies, you have first to discover them.

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You basically have to do 3 things:

1) Find relics:
Relics are nature-created items that have certain properties. There are 4 types of relics: 3 found in the world, 1 crafted. World-generated are:

The one craftable is ender relic:

Water relics are found near shores in water (rivers, for example). Fire – in lava lakes (11-th level is your best bet). Nature – on trees (less trees – easier to find).

2) Generate research material
You’ll need a research shard generator.

After you got one, place 10 of any of in there and wait for result.

3) Complete the discovery
After you have gathered all the necessary materials, it’s time to discover. Craft a Research Table.

Place relics and a couple of Essences of Knowledge in there, select one of available discoveries and click the button. You’ll have results in no time!

Technological Level (Tech Level)
Basically, the higher your Tech Level is, the cooler are the things you can discover.
You start off with 0 Tech Level, so you can’t research a thing right after spawning. But don’t worry – it’s quite easy to get 1-st level. You’ll need to find one of Ancient pyramids. Their spawn is not as frequent as you’d like it to be, but still it’s pretty easy to find one. Only place they don’t spawn are deserts, so don’t waste your time there. Inside a pyramid there’ll be a block on the floor, that looks different from the rest. You need to throw 10 Astral Crystals and a Diamond near it, then right-click it. You should instantly receive 1-st Tech Level, but the resources are the price you’ll have to pay for that.
Gaining higher tech level is more difficult. For that you’ll have to go in Astral and activate Astral Beacons, which is, believe me, harder than what you’ve done with pyramid. (Read below in Astral section)

Tech Levels and Relics are not the only criteria for discovering something. The place you put your Research Table also matters. There are 6 different types of researches by their requirements:

  • Standard: The ones that require nothing in particular to be discovered. Any place is good for them, but there’s not much of these.
  • Lava lakes: These ones require lava and high pressure near them. Basically, place your Research Table near lava within 3 blocks on y lower than 20 to get it working. Lava lake is considered any amount of Lava source blocks, which is greater then 5.
  • Dark room: This one is pretty much self-explanatory. If the light level is lower than 4, it will work.
  • Hot biomes: Vanilla Desert is just perfect, but other high-temperature biomes will also do.
  • Crystal field: Some discoveries require high energy concentration near them, which can only be provided by more than 25 crystals in 5 block radius near it.
  • Ore vein: 20 and more vanilla ore blocks provide extra matter for Research Table, which can sometimes be vital.

After you discover an item or block, you’ll be able to craft it.

Rain Controllers are piece of technology that allows controlling of weather through sub-astral matrix disruption. Needs two crystals on the ground near it to operate (throw on the ground before or after placing). Also, the sky above them should not be obstructed.

Lava Generator is a device that drains energy from crystals and converts it into useful matter that can potentially kill you… Horribly… Maybe… Just throw a crystal on it and right-click it with a bucket. But DON’T stand in there. Nothing good can come out of this. Or can it?

Digger is a complex hi-tech machine that can do mining for you! BUT it doesn’t create huge holes in the world. By the means of Ender sub-space matrix it digs only ores, leaving landscape untouched. Requires 5 crystals near it to operate (throw on the ground before or after placing). Scans 5×5 area. Has a 50% chance to break when finished.

Crystalizer is a mechanism that converts carbon-based materials into crystals. Simply place 8 coal around a diamond and watch it happen.

Astral Teleporter: this device is a very powerful piece of technology. It allows its owner to teleport to a certain spot in subdimension and then return to the exact place he left (right-click it there again)! What’s even more important is that it’s portable! Just right-click and see for yourself!
About astral dimension: it’s a dimension where there’s a personal island for every player. You can build your own base, or use it as a drop point for when you’re mining and run out of space. If you fall off the island, you’ll be safely teleported to the Overworld’s spawn point.

Advanced Astral Teleporter: A stationary Teleporter. Place it in the world, right-click it with a portable one, throw in a crystal and you’re good to go!

Astral Retransmitter is a piece of technology that allows you to change the island to which you are linked in Astral. Basically, after using this item you will teleport to another island. Use with caution, for you can not return to the abandoned islands.

Gravitation Grenades are just perfect for pushing creepers into lava! By disrupting local gravity they produce an impulse, potentially capable of sending pigs high in the air!

Bottomless chest provides virtually limitless space for storing your items. It is achieved by storing items not in this dimension, but in parallel ones. You start of with one page – current dimension. If you want to increase it – put an Ender Relic in top right slot (the one that’s off the main grid). The more Ender Relics you’ll put, the more storage space you’ll have!
To build it, you need to create a 2x2x2 structure out of Chest Parts (researchable block).


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About Astral: It’s a dimension, which exists parallel to yours one. You spawn on a small island, which belongs to you and you alone. But yours is not the only one out there. Astral holds many dangers and mysteries, so be careful.

Crystal tree: When you appear in astral, energy collapse, created by your teleportation, results in creating a Crystal Tree. It’s a rare type of tree which, instead of leaves, will grow crystals. When you break one, you’ll get a Crystal Powder. Later, if the tree logs are not chopped down, the tree will regrow its leaves, thus providing a slow, but steady source of crystals.

Way to grow Crystal Tree: Simply place blocks as shown below (2 Iron Blocks, 2 Gold Blocks, 4 Sapplings, 1 Astral Crystal). Then throw in a stack of coal as fuel and right-click Astral Crystal with a bonemeal.

Block beneath Crystal should be grass and grass only.

Tech Grass is base material for everything is Astral. It basically is an ordinary Grass filled with energy. It also acts as energy transporter. You can convert Grass to Tech grass and vice versa by right-clicking it with Crystal Powder.

Astral Beacon: Sometimes, wandering Astral, you’ll find a weird block that randomly emits a white beam in the sky.

That is an Astral Beacon, set up by Ancients long time ago. You could learn a lot from activating it, but beware for it is defended with the best Guardian Ancients could create.
To activate Astral Beacon, put an Astral Teleporter in it to redirect it’s information towards you. Then, place blocks above it (not nececerally right above it, can be higher) as shown below (4 Lapiz Lazuli Blocks, 4 Astral Crystals, 1 Diamond Block) (The diamond block should be placed last and should block off the beam).

The Beacon will disappear and you will gain an extra Tech Level. But if you place a block above the Beacon before the whole key is complete, or if you’ll forget to place Astral Teleporter in it, it will blow up, destroying the island. So be careful.

Beacon Guardian is protector of ancient knowledge. He was created as a result of Ancients trying to create an ultimate guardian. And they did. With 75 health, high damage and speed he can be really tough to kill. He takes no fall damage and can even get blocks out of his way, thus becoming a real threat to you.

Redstone additions:

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  • Block Detector: Have you ever wanted to create an input system where input signals should come from specific blocks? Well, now you can! Reads 3 blocks in specified direction. Inventory is for blocks it should look for.
  • Door State Detector: Does exactly what you would think. Making traps now becomes much easier! Must be under the door.
  • Water and Lava Detectors: Useful for all kinds of automated systems involving liquids. Can process 3 blocks in front of them.
  • Player Pressure Plate: Doors, that only players can pass through… Haven’t you ever dreamed of this?!
  • Rain and Time Detectors: Build a giant wall clock inside you base! You know you want one!


  • Flashlight: Lost in a cave? Out of torches and crafting materials? You can now find you way back.
  • Redstone Activator: A perfect tool for all the redstone lovers out there! Now you can test your systems WITHOUT dragging tons of levers with you! Simply right-click on block that you want to receive signal. Enjoy!



  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download and install Optifine
  • Download AstralCraft Mod zip file
  • Put the downloaded file into the “mods” folder in your .minecraft directory
  • Done

Note: If, for some reasons, standard rendering doesn’t work for you, try changing AllowVBO and/or ForceNativeRender in the config file. Different combinations give different results on different computers. Recommend setting Advanced OpenGL to ON in minecraft video settings. It significantly increases FPS. You can also increase performance by setting RenderSecondPass to false in /config/YonderCraft.cfg. Also, there is a high-poly version with crystals you can see on screenshots. To enable them, set HighPolyModels=true in config.


v1.1.0 – Pr2

  • Added a few console commands
  • Added config for Energy Pocket explosion force (config + console)
  • Added config for Gravity Grenades force and distance (config + console)
  • Gravity grenades can now move players
  • Option for Gravity Grenades moving thrower (config + console)
  • Fixed door state detector (don’t know if it was buggy in 1.4)
  • New pressure plate recipe
  • Beacon Guardian will not move liquids from now on

For Minecraft 1.5.1

For Minecraft 1.4.7

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