Atlantis Survival Map (1.21.1, 1.20.1) is a survival map created by hungry_mclean2743034. Set on a thrilling journey of discovery with the Atlantis Survival Map. Delve into the secrets of the ancient civilization of Atlantis as you explore its sunken ruins and unravel its mysteries. This meticulously crafted world seamlessly combines adventure, intricate architecture, and engaging redstone elements to provide a truly immersive experience. Complete achievement goals to enhance your gameplay and unlock new challenges. Encounter powerful monsters, acquire formidable weapons, and brave mysterious areas as you uncover the hidden treasures of Atlantis. Are you ready to embark on this epic survival adventure?


Game Achievements:

1. Ensure village safety without the need for a wall.
2. Locate the powerful sword within the creeper temple.
3. Construct a railway connecting two villages.
4. Discover and neutralize the threat of the Pillager outpost.
5. Uncover the legendary golden axe.
6. Commandeer and destroy one of the Atlantis battleships.
7. Obtain the captain’s armor.
8. Repair and outfit one of the Atlantis battleships.
9. Defeat the withers using the power of lightning.
10. Activate all of the Atlantis industrial machines.
11. Construct your own industrial machine.
12. Stock the categorized chests with products.
13. Restore the damaged Atlantis city.
14. Secure the safety of the underwater mansion.
15. Locate the third village.
16. Capture the monument.
17. Liberate the villager from the underground jail.
18. Retrieve the trident from the bottomless trench.
19. Discover the secret lab.
20. Uncover the ancient city.
21. Defeat the dragons.
22. Master a challenging parkour to reach the destination.

How to install:

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