Minecraft AutoMap is the most advanced real-time map available. It is like having your own spy satellite with night vision, x-ray vision, and mineral detection!

Otherwise, AutoMap may lose multiplayer support as we know it



Note: This procedure assumes that you have a fresh, unmodified installation of Minecraft.

To obtain a fresh installation of Minecraft, go to this directory (Windows Vista/7) “C:\Users\Your_User_Name\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft” and delete the bin folder. Deleting the bin folder will not cause you to lose your saved worlds. You may now run Minecraft as you normally do and the launcher will automatically redownload new, unmodified game code.

1: Update Minecraft if necessary.

2: Install ModLoader, .NET 4, and XNA 4.0. These are linked on the Downloads page.

3: Download the latest version of AutoMap from the Home page.

4: Extract the AutoMap zip file to an empty folder. Name the folder AutoMap (or whatever else you prefer).

5: Ensure that Minecraft is not running.

6: Run AutoMap (MinecraftAM.exe that you just extracted). You should see this message or a similar one:

If no message window appeared, then you will need to close AutoMap and run PatchMinecraft.bat, located in the same directory.

If AutoMap immediately crashes, you likely forgot to install one of the frameworks above.

7: Continue as prompted until the installation process completes.

8: Start AutoMap and Minecraft (in any order).


  • Step 1: Install the latest Risugami’s ModLoader
  • Step 2: Download the latest version of Minecraft AutoMap.
  • Step 3: Extract the contents of the new MinecraftAM zip file into your existing AutoMap folder. Overwrite all files.
  • Step 4: Ensure that Minecraft is NOT running and IS up to date with ModLoader installed. Run PatchMinecraft.bat (located in your AutoMap folder).

* Whenever Minecraft gets patched by Mojang, both ModLoader and AutoMap need to be updated by their respective authors before they are likely to work with the latest Minecraft.



  • AutoMap no longer uses terrain.png and items.png. If you like, you can delete those files after updating AutoMap if they still exist in your Automap directory.
  • Textures are now loaded dynamically from the directories: “tex/blocks” and “tex/items”.
    • The “tex/blocks” directory already has one file “QMark.png” — question mark graphic. If you see this on the map, it means AutoMap does not know which texture to draw for a particular block or item type. You will see a lot of question marks for a second or two while AutoMap learns all the textures. If the question mark graphic does not fix itself automatically, please check errordump.txt and report the problem!
    • Be careful what you put in these texture directories! AutoMap will try to load any .png file it finds there, and it will try to read animation data from any .txt file! AutoMap may fail to start if these files are not compatible!
    • Normal textures must be 16×16. HD textures are untested and will probably fail! Sorry!
    • Animated textures must be 16 pixels wide and a multiple of 16 pixels high.
    • Custom block/item textures are untested, but it is possible that they will simply work if you put their textures in the appropriate texture directories before starting AutoMap.
  • Dropped item names now use the proper “display name” instead of the unlocalized internal name. If your language uses a different character set that AutoMap doesn’t support, this might break things! (Let me know!)
  • Fire, lava, water, portals, etc now animate much like they do in-game.
  • Changed website font to Sans-Serif for readability.
  • NOTICE: You may see some texture handling errors appear in errordump.txt in your AutoMap folder. These happen when AutoMap can’t get the correct texture file name from the Minecraft process. Please report these to me via email or the AutoMap forum thread so I can fix them for the next release!

For 1.5

For Minecraft 1.4.7

For Minecraft 1.4.5

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