Battlestar Galactica Map History:

Battlestar Galactica (BS 75) is a veteran battlestar and the last of her kind still in service with the Colonial Fleet at the time of the destruction of the Twelve Colonies. Built during the early days of the Cylon War, she remains the only military vessel without integrated computer networks. Without networked computers, Galactica never upgrades to the new integrated defense system software developed by Dr. Gaius Baltar and his team. Because of this and other factors, she becomes one of only two known battlestars (the other being Pegasus) to survive the renewed Cylon attack on the Twelve Colonies. At the time of this attack, she was part of the 75th Battlestar Group (BSG-75).


  • Outer hull: almost complete, the only things needed being the details of the lower engines section, and overall finishing touches, straightening of crooked curves, etc.
  • Time spent building: 3 and a half months
  • Ship dimensions: around 1400 x 500 x 200 blocks
  • Block count: 4,320,325, and growing
  • Texture pack used: Sci-fi Texture Pack

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