What is this mod?

BerryBush mod adds 4 kind of bushes and a new crop ! Bushes drop berries that can be eaten right away and restore little hunger.

What are the Bushes and where can I find them ?

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Bushes are spawned all over the world ! All you need to do is run around and destroy them to collect their juicy contents.

Bushes Spawn in the overworld on grass or dirt, and they do not grow ! They come in four sizes, and each size drops one of four berries.
(more info in section IV :berries)

They grow all over the world ! can you spot alll 6 in this snow biome?

What is the crop and how can I farm it ?

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Crops grow over time, and if you look close enough, you can even watch it grow !! LITERALLY !!

The crop can be planted by using a Juicy Berry (more info on berries bellow) on a grass or dirt block ! All the crop needs is a decent amount of light, and ground to grow in ! Berries must be collected from bushes by harvesting them, and leaving the bushes intact. (right click to harvest). This will reset the bushes’ growth to 8000 (from 24000 for fully grown)

A tiny bush-crop takes about 1 day/night cycle to fully grow ! This process can be sped up by using different kinds of ‘Fertilizing’ methods !

  • First and most popular fertilizing method is Bone Meal. Use bonemeal on a crop to make it grow by about 5-10 seconds ! You’ll need aproximatly a full stack of bonemeal to grow a crop from freshly planted to fully grown.
  • Second method is rather weird, but not as expensive. The 3 blocks under the block on which the bush grows can be used as Fertilizing space ! Dirt, clay and endstone can be used to speed up the growth rate !

Here’s a few player grown bushes with harvest ready berries !

and a very cute bush-crop, freshly planted !

For unadventurous players

your bush grows on dirt/grass

every space filled with dirt (up to 2) will add 0.2 to the growth rate (basic growth rate is 1.0)

< +0.2
< +0.2

a clayBlock on 3th place (even with air on places 1 and 2) will add 0.5

< +0.2 Clay can be combined with dirt !
< +0.2 Clay can be combined with dirt !
< +0.5
putting a stone (any rock type block) in the first available spot will make it grow slower and stop the chain of checking any other blocks

< – 0.2

putting endstone on the first spot will break the chain too, but will give you a whopping growth bonus !

< +5.0


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*Side note: berries will most probably have effects in later versions,example: 2 seconds of speed, healing half a heart*

These berries are the main reason the mod was created in the first place ! The berries are made for cranking up survival mod a little bit.

They restore little hunger but can be found fast and easely all over the world, making them small life savers ! They can be harvested and farmed really fast, making them a fast source of food ! Only Juicy Berries can be used to plant Bush-Crops !

From left to right: Juicy Berry, Sweet Berry, Luscious Berry, Nectarous Berry

All items have tooltips, a little text, and how much nuggets they heal

  • I 0.5
  • II 1.5
  • III 2
  • IV 3

In the wild:

  • Small BerryBush drops Juicy Berry
  • BerryBush drops Sweet Berry
  • Medium BerryBush drops Luscious Berry
  • Bigger BerryBush drops Nectarous Berry

BerryBush Mod Video:

How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the mod.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  • If one does not exist you can create one.
  • Enjoy the mod.

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