Bittersweet Addonpack (1.20), the name itself provides a clear indication: it combines both bitterness and sweetness. Imagine coffee’s bitterness and sugar’s sweetness melding together. Introducing the Bittersweet Addonpack!

This pack enhances the vanilla game in two ways:

  • Bitter Difficulty: It introduces challenging elements.
  • Sweet Features: It spices up the gameplay.

The Bittersweet Addonpack includes 42 creations (33 addons and 9 textures)


Hardcore Mechanics & Healing:

  • Eating foods will only restore your hunger, so use the healing items to heal your health that doesn’t naturally regenerate anymore!

Realistic Early Game:

  • Chop the tree? Do you mean Knap the flint & Cut the grass?

Challenging Miniboss, Night Siege Event & Dungeon Tower:

  • Defeat the tartareans, Survive the siege & Conquer the tower!

RPG-like Bounties, Quests & Structures:

  • Help the villagers, Complete the quests & Explore the structures!

Item Physics:

  • No more floating items, now interact or sneak to pick them up!

Lots of QoL Tweaks:

  • Obviously, there are too many of them to mention here…

Vanilla Enhancements:

  • 3D-held items, Cut the wood on a stonecutter, Dummy armor stand & More!

Nifty Miscellaneous:

  • Don’t forget to craft these small but useful additions…

Overhauled Fishing, Building & World Generation:

  • Waters filled with fishes, Block design sets & Natural environments!

Variative Weapons, Enchantments & Potions:

  • Craft your weapon based on your combat style, Enchant your equipment & Brew some potions!

Magical Accessories:

  • Adventure now rewards items that grant buffs!

Fancy Furniture:

  • From old fake stairs to actual sittable chairs!

More Meats & Foods:

  • Completionist butcher, I mean chef…

Installation Note:

  • Required experimental feature:

How to install:

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Bittersweet Addonpack (1.20) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.20

mcaddon: Download from server 1Download from server 2

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