About Block Shooter Map

Block Shooter Map. Shooting blocks – normally a pastime reserved for those with a bow and arrows – now comes in an arcade game form, courtesy of MrZeffoes! So, what is the game?


First, a large field of blocks is populated on the game board. Then randomly colored blocks are generated for you to shoot at the block field – navigate the block you want to fire left or right, then shoot it up at the block field. Make contact with a like-colored block, and they disappear, forever destroyed! Points are awarded for the number of blocks destroyed in a single shot, and add up over time. Think you can get a high score?

This map features over twenty-five thousand command blocks. I don’t even.


Note: This map currently requires Snapshot 14w08a (or higher) to play correctly!

How to install Block Shooter Map:

Download links for Block Shooter Map:


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