Are you ready for an exciting adventure in “Bottle Survival Remaster”? Bottle Survival Remaster Map (1.20) is a Skyblock Map that lets you explore suspended bottles instead of traditional islands. Along the way, you’ll encounter custom bosses, but don’t worry, you have powerful charms at your disposal to help you on your journey. Are you ready to take on the challenge?


The Map

  • “The Map” is a unique variation of the popular skyblock map. Instead of traditional islands in the sky, this version has bottles suspended in the air, each containing an island. Your goal is to utilize the materials and resources provided in each bottle to survive for as long as possible.
  • This map features custom bosses with unique abilities to enhance gameplay. Defeating all three bosses will reward the player with a powerful custom item.

Custom Bosses

The Forest Bull:

  • There is a boss located in the Overworld inside a giant bottle.
  • It has a total of 100 health.
  • Additionally, it can blind any player that is nearby and prevent them from sprinting.

The Nether Golem:

  • The boss can be found inside the Nether in a giant bottle.
  • It has a health of 100
  • It can set the player on fire Occasionally.
  • Additionally, it can summon lightning Occasionally.

The End Lizard:

  • There is a boss located at the End inside a giant bottle.
  • It has a total of 100 health.
  • Teleport’s player up above the sky occasionally.
  • Summons Wither Skeleton And Zombie To Fight For Him


Custom Items

The custom items in this map are called charms. If the player holds the charms in their left hand, they will receive various effects that can assist them on their journey. Some Examples:

  • Charm Of Thor: This item, which is crafted in a crafting table, grants the player Speed 3 and occasionally emits lightning, harming any nearby mobs.

  • Fire’OMati: This charm provides the player with a significant level of regeneration while they are in lava.

  • The Unholy Charm: Does something good for you in return for something worse.

Are you prepared to descend into this vast, empty expanse armed only with a handful of floating bottles to sustain you?


How to install:

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