British Military Content Pack (1.7.10) adds a lot of new equipment to the game. The mod is divided into 2 sections. 1 of them is a firearm, and 2 is a vehicle. Firearms include: L85A2, L98A2, L86 LSW. Transport is divided into 3 subsections: British Army, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy.



  • L85A2
  • L98A2 (training rifle)
  • L86 LSW


British Army:

  • FV4034 Challenger II MBT w/ 120 mm rounds (tan, green)
  • FV4030/4 Challenger 1 MBT w/ 120mm rounds (tan, green)
  • FV4201 Chieftain MBT w/ 120mm rounds (green, camo) (Early mk.3 and late mk.11 with Stillbrew and TOGS)
  • FV510 Warrior w/ 30mm RARDEN (tan, green)
  • FV101 Scorpion w/ 76mm rounds (tan, green)
  • FV101 Scorpion 90 w/ 90mm rounds (tan, green)
  • FV107 Scimitar w/ 30mm RARDEN (tan, green)
  • FV4003 Centurion AVRE (Gulf war spec) w/ 165mm HESH (tan)
  • FV4017 Centurion mk10 w/ 105mm HESH and APDS (green)
  • FV4007 Centurion mk3 w/ 20 pounder rounds (green)
  • FV214 Conqueror w/ 120mm rounds (green)
  • L131 AS-90 SPG w/ L15 HE 155mm rounds(tan, green)
  • Mini Moke (no, really) (British racing green)

Royal Air Force:

  • SEPECAT Jaguar w/ AIM-9 (grey, tan)
  • BAE Harrier GR.9 w/ AGM-65 and AIM-9 (press J in flight to toggle hover)
  • TSR-2 w/ AS-30 (Massive thanks to TaskForce51)
  • Apache AH-1 w/ CRV7 and AGM-114 (tan, green, black)
  • Eurofighter Typhoon w/ MBDA Meteor, Brimstone AGMs and Storm Shadow cruise missiles
  • English Electric Lightning w/ de Havilland Firestreak missiles

Royal Navy:

  • HMS Daring Type 45 missile destroyer



Minecraft Forge

Flan’s Mod

Flan’s Simple Parts Pack Mod

Flan’s Modern Weapons Pack Mod

How to install:

Please visit the following link for full instructions: How to Install Flan’s Content Packs

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