Captive Minecraft Map (1.20.6, 1.20.1) is a survival map designed by BASTIII_502. Captive Minecraft did not fail to capture the heart of many map lovers. Now, let’s take a look at a relatively new experience for the captive survival challenge. Basically, this map is an updated version of the Captive Minecraft game earlier. While the rule has not changed much, you’ll have to earn achievements to open the border surrounding you and make space to advance as far as possible into the game. With 1.19 update, you will be able to obtain new advancements, visit new locations and more to look forward to. Have fun!



  • After an advancement, let the world border fully enlarge before you do the next one. Otherwise, there will be errors with the border.
  • Since the playable end is outside the border, it is only possible to defeat the ender dragon with a bow or crossbow, also take enough ender pearls with you.
  • Some advancement rewards will not merge with other contracts.
  • For some advancements, there is only a one-time chance to get them, otherwise, you can never get them again.
  • You can only reach the very last advancement if you have done ALL the others.

How to install:

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