Chasing Time Map. Born in a post-apocalyptic world, you are the only one capable of stopping the zombie outbreak to save humanity. Venture through the passage of time to before the virus ever began, and prevent the world from falling into chaos. Can you stop the virus and protect the one you love?

Chasing Time Map

Chasing Time is an amazing custom adventure map created by Vu6 where you use a time machine to travel back in time and save the world from a virus that caused the zombie apocalypse. This is a story-centered single-player map with about 30 minutes of gameplay. This is one map you won’t want to miss! This map is single-player only. It will break if played in multiplayer.


  • Immersive Story with Unique Characters
  • Custom Music and Sound Effects
  • Custom Models and Textures
  • 30 Minutes of Gameplay
  • Tons of Eastereggs


Chasing Time Map
Chasing Time Map
Chasing Time Map

Map Trailer:

Download Links for Chasing Time Map:

For Minecraft 1.10.2

Download from Server 2

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