Welcome to Chickencraft (1.20), your ultimate destination for an unparalleled Minecraft gaming experience! As the premier lifestealsmp + pvp network, we proudly cater to both bedrock and java players, ensuring a diverse and vibrant community of adventurers. At Chickencraft, our mission is clear: to provide the finest gaming escapades for all players. Immerse yourself in a world of thrilling possibilities with an array of captivating gamemodes, including CrystalPVP, Kitpvp, FFa, Duels, Parkour, Lifestealsmp, Boxpvp, and an exciting lineup of even more exhilarating experiences. Join us on Chickencraft (1.20) and embark on an epic journey where challenges meet camaraderie, and every pixel is infused with endless excitement!

Server Information

Author: Chickencraft Team

Server name: Chickencraft

Server Location: Netherlands

Minecraft Platform: Java, MCPE, Bedrock

Supported Version: 1.20+

Game types:  PvP, Bedwars, Survival, Hardcore, Cracked, Lifesteal, SMP, Mini Games, Bedrock, Factions

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In-game Features

Lifesteal SMP: Engage in player-versus-player combat to gain hearts and shape your destiny as you dominate the world or master the art of stealth.

BoxPvP: Immerse yourself in a custom BoxPvP server, where you can choose to mine, grind, or engage in intense PvP battles.

KitPvP: Enter the arena with unique kits and battle against others in thrilling combat scenarios.

CrystalPvP: Fight against opponents using crystal-infused power in various arenas, putting your skills and strategy to the test.


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