About Chorus Chaos Minigame Map

Chorus Chaos Minigame Map is a brand new, arcade minigame! Your goal is to move around (Using A + D) and dodge chorus plants by switching gravity (Using Spacebar) while collecting hearts! Try to get the highest score you can possibly get! Your High Score will be keeping track by, and all points colected will transfer to a Total Points Count where you can buy Over 30 Different Characters to play as with!


How to play:


  • Don’t see the item frames?! Relog!! That would fix the issue. If you click start it will bug out the game (fixable by relogging as well)!
  • No hearts spawning? Just let yourself die and respawn (After you’ve relogged). This is caused by an annoying 1.9 bug that makes it not load entities. It’s like a 1 in 15 chance when entering the shop and going back.
  • Play on Minecraft 1.9 Snapshot 15w35b+
  • If you play this with friends (You can!) please switch the lever on the right of the platform to “Multiplayer”.
  • There’s an option to turn particles off in the shop above the door.
  • Play around with your FOV (Escape menu option) and see which kind of view you like the best! 70 – 80 is nice, but going Quake Pro makes you able to see also the side of the screen!

How to install:

Download links for Chorus Chaos Minigame Map:

For Minecraft 1.9



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