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About Christmas – An Awakening Adventure Map

Christmas – An Awakening Adventure Map. A Christmas adventure map unlike any other. DoubleUpGaming brings you a magical experience this holiday with Christmas – An Awakening. The game is set in the luscious north pole hemisphere deep within Santa’s workshop and village, you your self are an elf that has been awakened from a deep cryogenic sleep, however what exactly have you awakened to?



  • A Custom boss wave fighting system: Yes you heard it right, when you get to a certain part in the story you will be up against wave after wave of enemies with nothing but measly care-packages to aid you
  • Functioning cut-scenes: Albeit they need a bit of work to get them top-notch, these cut-scenes add a surreal feeling to the game giving the player a different experience within minecraft. You will get to witness the wide display of emotions contrasted within the game through small spinet of stories told with cut scenes
  • Multiplayer or single player map: That’s right, you can go this game alone or battle through with friends. When being built this we took this into careful consideration as to allow people to work together or enjoy the game in peaceful solitude.

Christmas – An Awakening Adventure Map Screenshots:










  • Playing outside of adventure mode will break the map
  • You MUST have audio turned up
  • Render distance has to be over 12+
  • x64 Texture pack – play with optifine or mc patcher to get full effect

How to install:

Download link for Christmas – An Awakening Adventure Map:

For Minecraft 1.8

Download from Server 1

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