Here is another mod updated from MrArcane111. Continuing, the mod was recently merged with Teleport Sword, Ore Tracker, and Magic Wand. The mod contains useful item, both in Survival and Creative.

Climbing Glove – right-click the item in your hand to activate climbing (a message will let you know the glove is activated). Right-click to deactivate.

Climbing Helmet – when a player wears this armor piece and comes within 1 block of a ceiling then the player will stick to the ceiling (press shift to un-stick from ceiling).

Mining Helmet – when the player wears this armor piece and presses ‘R’ on the keyboard, it creates a DYNAMIC Lighting effect!

Ore Tracker – this item checks an area of 10 x 10 around the player. Should there happen to be any type of ore within that area, purple particle effects will swirl around the player. Upon right-click, the item will send a chat message to the player if there is an ore.

TeleSword – since this mod was merged with TeleSword and Magic Wand, there are two new items. This sword teleports the player on right click. But be careful: the sword’s teleport accuracy depends on the game-mode. The easier the game-mode, the more accurate the teleport. Also, be warned that spamming the teleport can cause your computer to crash because it cannot travel to unloaded chunks so quickly! If you destroy blocks with this sword, it teleports nearby blocks away. If you hit an entity, it will send the entity flying away.

The Amazing Magic Wand – this mod was recently merged with the Climbing Glove Mod. This Wand has over 20 uses, and since I cannot fit it all into this page, I’ve created a separate page just for its uses. Please visit the Pages section to find the page related to this wand.



  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Drop this mod into the mods folder (or jar)
  • Enjoy

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