Coldflame Castle Map – the seat of lord Jon Wolfe and his blood. Intentionally built in the middle of a small forest, the castle and the village wrapped around its south walls are relatively new to these frozen lands. They have persevered steadily through the many winters past. Just last December, however, they closed off trading and shipping routes with other lands, and they have not been heard from since. Some unknown tragedy has surely fallen upon their land. It is your job as a royal looter to sweep their abandoned structures and claim any valuables left behind in the name of the king.

This map falls under adventure, survival, parkour, and mini-CTM (or finding, I guess).

Rules of Coldflame Castle Map:

  • You should not break any blocks, nor place them. You can destroy and place blocks as you wish once the boss spawns, though. It’ll help. I would have set this to adventure mode, but you’re required to use a flint and steel to light a nether portal at one point, so I’m settling for survival mode.
  • Play alone. If this gets any views and some people want a multiplayer version, I’ll add more zombie spawners, equipment, food, and adjust all the command blocks.
  • Don’t enable cheats. Otherwise, I’m telling mum.
  • Don’t wander outside of the surrounding forest, or enter any natural caves. There’s nothing hidden out / down there, nor up on the forest roof. It is fun trying to find a way onto the castle grounds by scaling the treetops, though.

Screenshots of Coldflame Castle Map:

Coldflame Castle Map 1

Coldflame Castle Map 2


  • To get past the linear parkour parts, I added a skippable parkour section at the very beginning so that you may practice some of the difficult jumps. I highly recommend becoming decent at the jumps before exiting the practice area (you can’t return). Having a lagless computer also helps a lot.
  • Zombies will spawn at night, in different locations around the village and castle, although there are already some zombies planted inside structures. The ones that spawn have helmets, so they will not burn in the day. All zombies in this map move quicker than normal zombies, so they can become a big pain to deal with if you spend too much time finding the diamonds and don’t have good equipment. You can find decent armor and weapons in village houses, but some of the best ones are within the castle and village armory.
  • Food can also be found in houses. A few houses have journal / diary entries that give hints as to where diamonds might be hidden, as well as hidden ways into parts of the castle.
  • If you’re stuck trying to get somewhere, or can’t find a diamond, I’ll drop hints in this thread until you succeed.
  • And last, don’t worry about the boss when you see it. I’ve cut down its health, armor, and attack damage, because I know how tedious it can be.

Details (Spoilers): Only read this part if you don’t want to discover these things for yourself by finding and reading books:

  • There are twelve diamonds hidden in chests left behind by villagers and castle guards. Keep in mind that this is not purely a scavenger hunt, so you don’t need to look in every chest and house. There are some notes in the beginning chest to give you an idea of where I placed the diamonds. You can get them in any order, in any way you can find without destroying or placing blocks. There are sometimes more than one or two ways to get to them, while other ways are more linear.
  • If you were to read the journal entries left behind by Jon Wolfe in his bedroom, you would find out what happened to the land. You would also discover that there is a greater treasure that can be reached once all twelve diamonds are in your possession. Jon’s entries will tell you where to go.

Coldflame Castle Map Download Links

For Minecraft 1.10.2

Download from Server 1

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