This mod adds in eight new high end machines, including a laser emiiter. The machines use large amounts of power to automate lengthy tasks, such as building or mining. The lasers can be configured to different modes, which can do anything from electrifying nearby water to pulling mobs and items inwards.


Airships: The airship system is intended as a simple way to create moving vehicles. An airship consists of two blocks: A controller and a motor. When a red stone signal is applied to the controller, it triggers all nearby motors. When a motor is triggered, It moves and takes nearby blocks with it. The direction of movement corresponds to the side of the controller powered by redstone. Note that, at the moment, airships do not support blocks requiring support, such as levers and torches. Use a block of redstone to power the controller.

Filler: This is a simple block that…builds a giant stone cube. Just connect it to power, and it will start building a 30x15x30 cube (The cube does not extend downwards). This cube will not replace any blocks, and only changes air blocks.

Extractor: This is an autominer, but it works a little differently than blocks such as a quarry, with a focus on convenience. The machine, when it has enough power, scans blocks near it, following a bell curve pattern. It uses a MegaJoule per block of ore mined, and 10 KiloJoules per stone block it scanned. The types of ores it seeks out can be configured, by putting the ores you want to mine in the top row. Redstone, coal and diamond ore are mined by default, as those ores are hard to obtain without the silk touch enchantment.

Replacer: This is a machine designed primarily for use with the filler. To use, place a chest on top of it, and fill it with the materials you desire. It will replace the stone nearby, but not stone underneath it, with the materials you put in the chest.

Grinder: This is a machine to produce power from raw materials. It produces a KiloJoule of power per item placed inside.

Focal Point/Controlled focal point: Focal points are spawned underground, and cannot be moved. Right click them to ‘control’ them, and turn them into a controlled focal point. This will then produce a small amount of power.

Ocean Generator: These blocks are fairly simple. They generate power based on the amount of water source blocks nearby, with a fairly large radius.

Single Point Generator: These blocks produce a bunch of power, but only if they are placed at the coordinates (5000,60,5000),(-5000,60,5000),(5000 60 -5000),(-5000 60 -5000). These blocks are intended to spice up SMP raid servers.

Laser Emitters: The one you’ve all been waiting for….ITS LASER TIME. Laser emitters, when powered, create a blue beam by default. You can right click the laser emitter with different modifiers:

  • Redstone: The laser beam will emit redstone current.
  • Nether Star: The laser beam will apply a severe debuff to anyone crossing it
  • Diamond Sword: The laser beam will harm any players or mobs to anyone hit by the laser.
  • Glass: Works similar to the Sword, but the laser beam is almost invisible
  • Diamond Pickaxe: The laser will slowly destroy and stone in it’s path, using additional power.
  • Water Bucket: The laser electrifies water, dealing damage to all nearby entities in water.
  • Minecart: The laser pulls Mobs and Items hit by the laser inwards to the emitter.
  • Seeds: These create flux, based on conways game of life. At this time, flux has no practical purpose, it is intended as a fun, sandbox toy.
  • String:This is a tripwire laser. Whenever an entity crosses the laser, the laser emitter will emit redstone.


This instruction works on both server and client.

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge (universal).
  • Download Complex Machines.
  • Drag Complex Machines into the mods folder located in the minecraft directory.
  • Run and Play!

For 1.6.x


For Minecraft 1.5.2


For Minecraft 1.5.1

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