Convenient Inventory aims at speeding up inventory management by giving the player many additional features, such as:

  • Move|Drop|Craft — single items|stacks of items|all items of the same type — with a single mouse click.
  • Sort your inventory based on item ids.
  • The key + mouse button combinations for (almost) all these actions can be remapped to whatever fits your gaming style.
  • Everything works in multiplayer.

Standard Configuration:

  • Left Mouse: Pick up a stack
  • CTRL + Right Mouse: Move 1 item to an empty slot
  • Right Mouse: Split a stack
  • CTRL + Left Mouse: Move 1 item
  • SHIFT + Left Mouse: Move 1 stack
  • SHIFT + Right Mouse: Move 1 stack to an empty slot
  • ALT + Left Mouse: Move all items of the same type
  • ALT + Right Mouse: Move all items of the same type to empty slots
  • Q + Left Mouse: Drop 1 item
  • Q + Right Mouse: Drop item stack
  • SHIFT + Q + Left Mouse: Drop all items of the same type
  • Middle Click: Sort inventory
  • S+Left Mouse: Sort Inventory
  • 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9 + Left Mouse*: Move the item to the corresponding slot in the action bar
  • 0 + Left Mouse*: move the item to an empty place in your action bar

To change combinations, open the CIConfig.txt file, read the text inside it, then edit the corresponding lines.


  • Download Convenient Inventory
  • Extract
  • Navigate To The .minecraft Folder
  • Open The minecraft.jar
  • Delete meta-inf
  • Drag The Extracted Contents Of The Convenient Inventory Zip Into minecraft.jar
  • Close The Jar
  • Play Minecraft

If You Don’t Know How To Access The .minecraft File. There are Detail From OS to OS

Windows 7

  • Press Start
  • Type %appdata%/.minecraft
  • Press Enter
  • And Your There

Windows XP

  • Press Start
  • Click On Run
  • Type %appdata%/.minecraft
  • Press Enter
  • And Your There


  • Go To Your User Folder
  • Open Libraries
  • Open Application Support
  • Open Minecraft
  • And Your There

Ubuntu 11.10

  • Click File Then New Window (Ctrl+N)
  • Access The Hidden Folders (Ctrl+H)
  • Open .minecraft
  • Your There

Most Gnome 3 Linux Distributions

  • Hover Over Activities
  • Click File System
  • Click Home
  • Access Hidden Folders (Ctrl+H)
  • Open .minecraft
  • Your There

For Minecraft 1.5.1

For 1.4.7/1.4.6

For Minecraft 1.4.5

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