After extensive research into the properties of the endermen, scientists have created a technique of capturing and transferring the creeper essence.  You can craft our Creeper Gauntlets (patent pending) at any local crafting table, with these you can absorb a creeper, and the glove will keep it contained. You can the release this essence to be absorbed by another mob, resulting in a creeper-like explosion. The Creeper Gauntlet (patent pending) is able to alter the creeper essence so that no [citation needed] items are destroyed in the explosion. This provides the ability to quickly break creatures into their component parts, which previous impossible to do before their red figure faded away.

Warnings: Creeper essences are volatile, trying to combine them will result in an instantaneous, devastating explosion.

Iron Golems metal casing acts as a pressurizer, causing a much larger explosion than normal. Creeper Gauntlet has not been tested on all creatures, strange side effects may occur



The creeper can be crafted using 5 ender eyes and 1 gunpowder, any citizen of minecraft should have the skill to craft a pair.


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download zip file
  • Put Creeper Gauntlet Mod jar file into the .minecraft/mods folder
  • Done

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