Crystalcraft Unlimited Addon (1.20, 1.19) adds over 200 new ores to discover. Some of them are: Bronze, Silver, Platinum, Enderium, Moonstone, Cobalt, Pearl, Mythril, Adamantite, Crystal, Plutonium, Unoptanium, and more. A new end Dimension with custom trees and ores awaits you, and for every Ore you can make weapons, and for some of them armor more info is down below.


This is a step-by-step tutorial for how to craft the new cool items and find the ores:

Step 1: How to find the ores

(You have to smelt ores marked in bold)

Mining  (over world around diamond level) : uranium titanium, amazonite, alexandrite, amber, amethist, ametrine, aquamarine, tourmaline, citrine, chrysolite, flourite, garnet, indigolite, iolite, jade, Jasper, kunzite, malachite, opal, peridot, prism, Ruby, Sapphire, sardonyx, spinel, sugilite, tanzanite, titanium, topaz, onyx, chloronium, rose quartz, turquoise, iridium, fluorite, rutile, amolite, azurite, smoky quartz, peacock ore, peacock topaz, Tanzanite (rare version), vesuvianite, (rare) sapphire, (rare) citrine, (rare) amethyst, medusa quartz, raspberry diamond, (dark blue) sapphire, sunset jasper, hackmantite, goshenite, pitambari neelam, cinnabar, black opal, labradorite, grandidierite, 12 types of zircon, matizium, cyan emerald, stibnite, sonoranite (only in jungles), Chalcanthite, Hercynite, matrix opal (only in bamboo forests) Iris Agate, palintinium, yellow onyx (only in jungles), tin, bronze, silver, nickel, zinc, lead, tungsten, aluminium, chrome, magnesium, silicium, americium, lithium, bismuth, platinum, thorium, indium, scandium, vanadium, manganese, yttrium, zirconium, niobium, molybdenum and technetium.

Exploring the end: enderium, rhodonite, maradonyx, moonstone, obsidian nuggets, serpentine, larimar, white diamond, purple diamond, cyber crystal, Xernium, neon Meteorite scraps, cobalt, pearl, and pottasium.

Exploring the nether: fire opal (nether waste and crimson forest), catseye (warped forest) green catseye (warped forest), pyrite (nether wastes), sulfur (nether wastes), ghoul quartz (soul sand valley), blood quartz (soul sand valley), Sunstone (nether wastes and netherwart forest), blood stone (nether wastes and netherwart forest), Yurium (nether wastes and netherwart forest), palladium (nether wastes), Humoranium (soul sand valley), Anti-Humoranium (soul sand valley), bixbite, red diamond (nether wastes), orange diamond (crimson forest and nether wastes), pink diamond, pelenium (nether wastes) , meteorite scraps (nether wastes)(soul sand valley) and soul quartz (soul sand valley)

Crafting: dragon scales, obsidian nuggets, Simonium, ikegamium, Ikegamonium, ikegamini, simoganium, blackstone, whitestone,  plutonium, meteorite ingot, hydrated pottasium (item,armor,tools,block), neon Meteorite ingot, unoptanium, and nether gold

  • Smelting: smelt iron to get steel
  • Keep smelting zircon to get the color you are looking for
  • Smelt cinnabar to get quicksilver
  • Fusing: you can fuse gemstones together in a brewing stand but make sure that you only put one gem in each slot of the bottom row otherwise it will not work!

Fusing recipes (not all based on real life):

  • citrine + amethyst = ametrine
  • amethyst + citrine = ametrine
  • uranium + adamantite = plutonium
  • adamantite + uranium = plutonium
  • titanium + mythril = unoptanium
  • mythril + titanium = unoptanium
  • sapphire + ruby = azurite
  • ruby + sapphire = azurite
  • spinel + amethyst = flourite
  • amethyst + spinel = flourite
  • kunzite + amazonite = alexandrite
  • amazonite + kunzite = alexandrite
  • peridot + jade = malachite
  • jade + peridot = malachite
  • turquoise + flourite = fluorite
  • flourite + turquoise = fluorite
  • sapphire + kunzite = peacock ore
  • kunzite + sapphire = peacock ore
  • tanzanite + peridot = rare tanzanite
  • peridot + tanzanite = rare tanzanite
  • wither rose + steel = withered steel
  • ruby + emerald = sunset jasper
  • emerald + ruby = sunset jasper
  • catseye + uranium = adamantite
  • soul quartz + titanium = mythril
  • charcoal + iron ingot = steel
  • amethyst + emerald = vesuvianite
  • emerald + amethyst = vesuvianite
  • citrine + sapphire = rare sapphire
  • sapphire + citrine = rare sapphire
  • redstone + green catseye = red catseye
  • amethyst + green catseye = purple catseye
  • aquamarine + green catseye = blue catseye
  • amber + green catseye = orange catseye
  • citrine + green catseye = yellow catseye
  • end crystal + amethyst shard = crystal
  • citrine + diamond = yellow diamond
  • diamond + citrine = yellow diamond
  • goshenite + ender pearl = white pearl
  • spinel + ender pearl = pink pearl
  • citrine + ender pearl = yellow pearl
  • soul quartz + ender pearl = blue pearl
  • emerald + diamond = green diamond
  • Gilded Blackstone + coal = grindstone
  • Zinc + copper = brass
  • Copper + zinc = brass
  • Smoky quartz + diamond = brown diamond
  • Green diamond + Yellow diamond = olive diamond
  • Yellow diamond + Green diamond = olive diamond
  • Wither rose + cyber crystal = corrupted cyber crystal
  • Wither rose + diamond = shadow diamond
  • Copper + Gold = Rose Gold
  • Gold + Copper = Rose Gold
  • Tanzanite + Diamond = Dark Blue Diamond
  • Diamond + Tanzanite = Dark Blue Diamond
  • Goshenite + Onyx = Zebra Jasper
  • Onyx + Goshenite = Zebra Jasper
  • Silver + Gold = Electrum
  • Gold + Silver = Electrum
  • Nether star + diamond = solar diamond
  • Diamond + nether star = solar diamond
  • Shadow diamond + nether star = eclipse diamond
  • Nether star + shadow diamond= eclipse diamond
  • Ender pearl + Bixbite = red pearl
  • Ender pearl + amber = orange diamond
  • Ender pearl + peridot = green pearl
  • Ender pearl + fluorite = purple pearl
  • Ender pearl + onyx = black pearl
  • Ender pearl + smoky quartz = brown pearl
  • Ender pearl + chrysolite = olive pearl
  • Ender pearl + tanzanite = dark blue pearl
  • Soul quartz + black opal = ice opal
  • Black opal + soul quartz = ice opal
  • Aluminum + gold = purple gold
  • Gold + aluminum = purple gold
  • Gold + raw copper = green gold
  • Raw copper + gold = green gold
  • Citrine + goshenite = rare citrine
  • Goshenite + citrine = rare citrine
  • Copper + nickel = cupronickel
  • Nickel + copper = cupronickel
  • Onyx + green catseye = black catseye
  • Green catseye + onyx = black catseye
  • Smoky quartz + green catseye = brown catseye
  • Green catseye + smoky quartz = brown catseye
  • Diamond + garnet = dark red diamond
  • Garnet + diamond = dark red diamond
  • Spinel + (green) rare catseye = pink catseye
  • (green) rare catseye + spinel = pink catseye
  • Goshenite + (green) rare catseye = white catseye
  • (green) rare catseye + goshenite = white catseye
  • Dark Blue Sapphire + solar diamond = star Sapphire
  • Onyx + Star Sapphire = Black Star sapphire
  • Pink ruby + solar diamond = star ruby
  • Amethyst + Star Sapphire = Purple Star Sapphire
  • Spinel + Star Sapphire = Pink star Sapphire
  • Citrine + Star Sapphire = yellow star sapphire
  • Sardonyx + Star Sapphire =  Orange Star Sapphire
  • Peridot + Star Sapphire = Dark Green Star Sapphire
  • Cyan emerald + star Sapphire = (Cyan)green star sapphire
  • Sulfur + iron = pyrite
  • uranium + thorium = radium
  • thorium + uranium = radium
  • Tool Fusion (same as gem fusion but with tools)
  • Quartz + Pyrite (Sword/pickaxe/Axe) = Quartz infused pyrite (Sword/pickaxe/Axe)
  • Meteorite (ingot) + netherite (Sword/pickaxe/Axe/armor) = Meteorite
  • Neon meteorite (ingot) + meteorite
  • (Sword/pickaxe/Axe/armor) = neon meteorite
  • That’s how to get the ores

Step 2: Weapons

You can craft a sword with any ore and you can also craft swords now from emerald and lapis but it all works a bit differently:

If you want to make a sword, axe or pickaxe (you can not make a sword with meteorite scrap) (you can’t make an axe with cyber crystal, corrupted cyber crystal, cobalt, all new pearls, obsidian nuggets, meteorite scrap, plutonium and unoptanium) (you can not make a pickaxe with meteorite scrap, plutonium, unoptanium, obsidian nuggets, chloronium, cyber crystal, corrupted cyber crystal, cobalt, all new diamonds, all new pearls and all catseye except for normal catseye)

You first need a item called obsidian nuggets there are 2 ways to get obsidian nuggets:

  1. Put obsidian in a crafting table
  2. Find obsidian ore in the new end dimension

Now put these obsidian nuggets in a vertical line from bottom left to up right in the crafting table and you get obsidian sticks

You can make a sword, axe, hoe, shovel or pickaxe of any gem now with the regular minecraft sword recipe except instead of a normal stick you use a obsidian stick.

There are a few exceptions because metals have a different recipe instead of using obsidian nuggets to make a obsidian stick you use iron nuggets to make a iron stick

You can know when something is a metal when it has the same shape as iron

If an ore is found in the nether you need blaze rods to craft a sword or axe out of it (except for green catseye, meteorite, red diamond, orange diamond and pink diamond)

This is how you get galaxy’s edge swords (Lightsabers) you can use different gems to get different colours just use a: ruby, sardonyx, citrine, peridot, sapphire, tanzanite, amethyst shard, iolite, onyx, goshenite, kunzite, chrysolite, cyber crystal, rose quartz, smoky quartz, garnet, hackmantite, coal, tourmaline, topaz, quicksilver, prism, spinel, indigolite, bixbite, diamond or jade instead of a peridot. You can also use a corrupted cyber crystal instead of a normal one to get galaxy’s edge swords with shadow cores they will also do more damage

These are some extra powerfull swords:

The uranium and titanium sword: you craft it by doing uranium up top titanium in the middle and a iron stick at the bottom

You can go even further but I will not spoil how to make the strongest weapons in the game you have to find that out yourself.

Step 3: Armor

You can’t make armor from every ore but here is a list of wich ores you can: cobalt, moonstone, amethist, Ruby, peridot, silicium, lithium, yellow onyx, neon meteorite spinel, topaz, chrysolite, ametrine, tanzanite, indigolite, aquamarine, platinum, garnet, tourmaline, citrine, flourite, opal, jade, (rare) tanzanite, sardonyx, iolite, (rare) citrine, peacock ore, sapphire, sugillite, peacock topaz, ammolite, dark blue diamond, smoky quartz, rose quartz, onyx, goshenite, zebra jasper, matizium, yurium, xernium, azurite, fluorite, vesuvianite, prism, (rare) sapphire, alexandrite, red diamond, orange diamond, brown diamond, yellow diamond, olive diamond, green diamond, purple diamond, pink diamond, white diamond, dark red diamond, raspberry diamond, cupronickel, purple gold, green gold, titanium, uranium, black opal, electrum, palladium, chrome, tungsten, magnesium, tin, brass, rose gold, zinc, iridium, bronze, silver, lead, steel, nickel, bismuth, grindstone, bixbite, amazonite, enderium, turquoise, rutile, withered steel, crystal, emerald, bloodstone, amber, ice opal, shadow diamond, Humoranium, Anti-Humoranium and malachite

You just craft armor like normally in Minecraft.

Making Blocks:

  • Making Blocks is super easy it just works like how it normally works in Minecraft: 9X the item you want to make a block out of in the crafting table. Some ores do not have block variants mainly ores with a lot of different colors and really rare ores
  • This was the tutorial if you still don’t know how to craft something or forget you can always look in the recipe book.
  • Some more new things the addon adds:
  • New trees that grow in the end.

Installation Note:

  • When you add this pack to a world, make sure experiments are on but never turn on GameTest framework.
  • Don’t use this addon in a world that is very important to you unless you have a backup.

How to install:

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Crystalcraft Unlimited Addon (1.20, 1.19) Download Links

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For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.20

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