About The Cubes of Adventure 2 Map

The Cubes Of Adventure 2 (sequel of The Cubes of Adventure) is an Adventure-CTM-Survival map where your goal is to find all the dyes that are hidden in some dungeons in the playing area.


In this map you´re gonna feel the classic minecraft survival experience combined to a brand new CTM mode with a story that makes you feel that you are playing an adventure map.


You crashed with a meteoroid inside a mysterious cube. You don’t know where you are, but you are going to find some books that will explain to you more about the situation. THE MADNESS BEGINS!


A truly original CTM map. Find all the dyes and complete the monument which is up the castle!

  • Cubes of adventure Resource pack! (is inside the map download ZIP)
  • custom soundtracks made by SimplyHardFilms!
  • a custom boss battle
  • Many Custom Mobs
  • Discover the Mushroom world and beat the Battle tower!
  • Feel a new nether experience
  • Have fun with some side quests that you may find in your journey
  • And much more!


  • 1- Do not use any cheats, such as x-ray or creative mode.
  • 2- Do not use any mods, Nei or TMI
  • 3- Do not destroy the glass border
  • 4- Everything inside the cube is destructable. However please refrain from breaking the command blocks. Doing so will pretty much break the map.
  • 5- Do not make any nether portals
  • 6- Play on survival mode and at least on easy difficulty
  • 7- Have fun!


Primary: Find all the dyes and place them inside the monument.


  • Kill the steampunk dungeon boss, the giant arachnid.
  • Kill the wither boss
  • Kill the ender dragon
  • Find all of the 17 cakes
  • Find captain sullenger
  • Build a house
  • Help a poor villager
  • Build a mob grinder
  • Collect 10 cacti
  • Collect 10 cocoa beans
  • Collect 10 pieces of sugar cane
  • Craft a full set of diamond armor
  • brew 10 potions
  • Tame a wolf

Hint: Many dungeons are linear, so insted of just destroying the door, try to discover the mechanism instead

The Cubes of Adventure 2 Map Screenshots:

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The Cubes of Adventure 2 Map

Jungle Dungeon

The Cubes of Adventure 2 Map

Cube Overview

The Cubes of Adventure 2 Map

Steampunk Puzzle

The Cubes of Adventure 2 Map

The Nether

The Cubes of Adventure 2 Map

Another Dungeon

The Cubes of Adventure 2 Map

Mushroom Kingdom

The Cubes of Adventure 2 Map

The Monument

The Cubes of Adventure 2 Map

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