Become an Evil Wizard in Minecraft with this custom command. Dark Magic command block allows the player to manipulate 8 spells as well as the entire world around them. Usage of dark magic is dangerous and complex, and can sometimes be more trouble than it’s worth…




Crafting – Throw items into a cauldron to craft particular spells. You will not be able to use these spells unless you curse yourself.

  • Fire: Lava bucket + Fire charge + Blaze powder
  • Ice: Ice + packed ice
  • Earth: Grass + Spruce, birch, oak, or jungle logs.
  • Grief: TNT + redstone dust
  • Life: Glistering melon + ghast tear
  • Death: Stone sword + spider eye
  • Wind: Feather + Paper
  • Speed: Diamond + sugar

Getting cursed – Build the structure as shown in the image and stand on the diamond ore to curse yourself. You can fill in the air blocks whenever you like.

Standing on the diamond ore will make the curse last 50 seconds longer per second (capping at 2000 seconds). If the curse strength is above 1500, you will get strength and the world will become more corrupted. You will see angry particles when this corruption occurs. Most notably, corruption causes creepers to explode on contact with your spells.

While you are cursed, zombies will have super speed abilities, skeletons will have a new magic power, spiders will be able to have baby spiders, you can turn grass into mycelium, and cobblestone into stone.

To use a spell, place it in either your main hand or offhand, face the direction you want to cast, and hold shift. This will not decrease the duration of the curse. You can cast up to two spells at once, allowing for some powerful combinations.

  • Fire: Burns mobs
  • Ice: Slows mobs and gives them hypothermia for a short period of time.
  • Earth: Weakens mobs, and makes them more vulnerable to damage. However, it improves their senses.
  • Grief: Causes a massive force on contact. This force will not damage the environment, but can be lethally strong, so use it wisely.
  • Life: To use this, press shift and quickly release to give yourself health.
  • Death: Does damage.
  • Wind: Blows mobs away. If used correctly, it can suspend mobs in the air, allowing you to smash them into the ground so hard it kills them.
  • Speed: Hold shift to run faster than normal, press rhythmically to run super fast!

Command Block Showcase:

Dark Magic Command

For Minecraft 1.10.2 and 1.9.4

1st Command: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

2nd Command: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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