Deferred Lighting Shader (1.20) is the ultimate shader for Minecraft Bedrock Edition! Shaders have returned, and now there are official methods to install them. You don’t need a costly graphics card to enjoy shaders in Minecraft Bedrock anymore! Deferred Lighting is one of the first shaders that work in Minecraft 1.20+.

Deferred Lighting This resource pack enhances the graphics of Minecraft with stunning effects. The shader is not very demanding, it runs on consoles, PCs, and mobiles. It’s very simple to install, so let’s check out the shader!


  • Dynamic shadows
  • Tone mapping
  • Custom sun/moon texture
  • Bloom
  • Point light
  • Adjustable settings

Currently, the shader only works in Minecraft Preview/Beta 1.20.30.xx but we hope the Deferred Rendering Technology, which is needed to run shaders, gets added to the main game.

Don’t forget to enable RenderDragon Features for Creators in the experimental settings.


  • Cheery Grove:

  • Wooded Mesa Plateau:

  • Birch Forest with River:

  • Village (night):

  • Coral Roof:

  • Savanna:


  • This shader comes with custom settings:

  • Note: You need to activate Render Dragon Features for Creators in the experimental world settings:

Installation Note:

  • The “Render Dragon Features for Creators” toggle must be turned on:

  • Enable the new rendering technology:

How to install:

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Deferred Lighting Shader (1.20) Download Links

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