Dharkcraft Clothes Addon (1.20) adds over 400 fully placeable clothing pieces to the game. The clothing pieces are crafted and can be used in your worlds, simulating Java clothing mods. Each of the 400 clothing pieces provides equal protection, allowing you to choose your outfit based on style rather than statistics.


The addon offers a wide array of choices to personalize your character while ensuring protection. The numerous available textures immerse you in a visually stunning and varied experience, elevating your creativity to new heights. Whether you’re exploring, building, or interacting on servers, this extensive clothing collection ensures you stand out and adapt your appearance to any situation. Enjoy the realm of style and protection with this exciting Minecraft clothing addon!

Clothing sample:

How is it crafted:

To craft these incredible and beautiful pieces of clothing, you’ll need to create diamond-coated leather. It’s easy to craft – you just need one diamond and 6 pieces of leather for each brilliant diamond-coated leather.

Chest plates:

  • To craft a diamond-studded leather chestplate (different from the regular diamond chestplate), you’ll need to create it using diamond-studded leather, following the same crafting process as other standard chestplates in the game. It’s important to note that this particular item cannot be equipped by the player.

  • Then place the diamond-coated leather chestplate into a crafting table and craft the one you like the most using a stonecutter.




Armor can be enchanted:

  • Explore an infinite variety of styles with our incredible gear collection! Featuring 122 chest plates, 84 helmets, 99 leggings, and 94 boots, the possibilities are astounding! Envision the unique combinations you can create for your character: over 98 million options available for you to explore and stand out on your adventure!
  • Explore a world of unique and unusual armor that cannot be obtained conventionally! Find pirate pieces in treasure chests or sunken ships, while sweaters and scarves await you in snowy villages.

Are you looking for Inca clothing? Maybe the street vendor will have something for you!

If you want Mayan or Aztec outfits, venture into the jungle:

Do you prefer something Roman or Greek? Head to the End and ask the gods for it! And if your dream is to be an astronaut, go to the End too.

If you’re craving Undertale gear, head to the Minecraft stronghold; You’ll probably find something by Toriel in the library.

Are you fascinated by Egyptian clothing? Try dusting off suspicious sand or exploring desert temples:

Do you want the clothes of the co-creator responsible for the addon to take a year to update? CLUBX Find her with the warden!

Do you want the clothes from the co-texturizer who only did 20 textures in 6 months? Luz10nch0 the Ravagolem Look for them on the pillager outpost.

Even if you are looking for Chinese fashion, you could find it in the mansions of the roofed forest, even if it has no relation to China!

The nurse’s clothes are hidden in the igloos:

And if you aspire to be a king or queen, head to the bastions (keep in mind that the piglins will continue to attack you, remember that this is a diamond painting):

Do you want farm outfits?

You can find them in the villages on the plains.

Immerse yourself in this variety of unique clothing and venture to discover these exclusive pieces of armor in unexpected places!

Installation Note:

  • Make sure you turn on all the Experimental Gameplay except the Scripting API.

How to install:

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Dharkcraft Clothes Addon (1.20) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.20

Behavior: Download from server 1Download from server 2

Resource: Download from server 1Download from server 2

World with the armor stands: Download from server 1Download from server 2

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