This mod introduces twenty-three new buckets in three distinct types. The types are big buckets, flimsy buckets, and special buckets.

Big Buckets

The big buckets hold more than your vanilla iron bucket, but the materials used to craft them are harder to obtain. They are the obsidian bucket, which holds three lava or water source blocks, the gold bucket, which holds four, the emerald bucket and quartz bucket, which hold five, the diamond bucket, which holds six, and the ender bucket, which holds eight. If other mods are installed which introduce copper, tin, bronze, steel or silver ores, or rubber, buckets of those types are added which hold one, one, three, or three source blocks respectively. All of these buckets can hold water, lava, milk, and mod liquids (see below for specific liquids supported).

Flimsy Buckets

The second type, flimsy buckets, consist of wooden, cobblestone, and smoothstone buckets. These are easier to craft, but only last a short time with liquid in them. Careful using them towards the end of their life, especially with lava, as they will spill. Clay buckets differ slightly from those three in that there is no time limit on them, but they can only place and pick up 20 times before they break. They must also be fired in a furnace before they can be used.

Special Buckets

The special buckets each have distinct special functions. Two of them store things which aren’t liquids. The infernal bucket holds thirty uses which are filled with water at a rate of six charges per source block. However, when you place a water, it places fire instead. It also gives you a short-acting fire resistance effect if you right click it into the air. The explosive bucket will allow you to defuse and store up to 32 live TNT for later use. The advantage of this, besides the obvious advantage of preventing explosions, is that when you place down the stored TNT it is automatically ignited by the bucket, so you don’t have to carry around a bunch of levers.

Three of the special buckets take in liquids but perform special functions instead of storing anything. The shimmering bucket takes in lava. Instead of filling up, the lava is transformed through some demonic power into some experience. Spooky. The icy bucket turns water into ice and lava into two pieces of obsidian. The black hole bucket will utterly annihilate through galactic gravitational pressure almost anything you right click that is not solid. In order of decreasing usefulness this includes those pesky lava bits and pieces that never seem to go away until you place a block in them, lava source blocks, water, snow (but not snow blocks), flowers, grass, ferns, nether portals, fire, redstone, tripwires, tripwire string, and rails.

The two final special buckets are used on creatures. The slimy bucket and magma cube bucket scoops a little piece of a slime or magma cube into your inventory, turning it into a slime ball or magma cream. They require some time to rest, though, so you can only do this once per creature every three minutes.

The ender bucket also has a special function: you can link it to any machine with a tank (default: left click). This linked ender bucket will then drain from and fill that tank instead of the bucket.

Miscellaneous Tips

You can craft obsidian with big buckets. Simply put a lava and water bucket in your crafting area and collect your obsidian.

You can force a bucket to empty if you hold down sneak (default key: shift) and right click. This is handy if, for example, you want to empty out a water bucket so you can put lava in it. This is necessary because nothing will happen if you attempt to pick up a liquid and your bucket is full of that liquid.

Most buckets have handy tooltips telling you how full they are or how much longer they will last. You can read help about each bucket by holding sneak while hovering over them.

You can use big buckets filled with lava in furnaces. They will last a very long time! A filled ender lava bucket will last eight times longer than an iron lava bucket, or 8000 seconds, which is more than two hours.

If you’re in creative mode, flimsy buckets take no damage and big buckets don’t empty out.


Mod Ores: Tin, Copper, Bronze, Steel, Silver and Rubber


Hold sneak for help on any bucket

Link Ender Buckets to any tank


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge installer
  • Download Diamond Buckets+ Mod
  • Put zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it. If you don’t have a mods folder, create it
  • Done



  • Updated to Minecraft 1.62
  • Added amount of liquid in tank to linked ender bucket mouseover

For Minecraft 1.6.2

For Minecraft 1.5.2

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