Disciples of The Void Skin Pack (1.20, 1.19) lets you wear the skins of seven characters from the creator’s popular addon “Disciples of The Void, Volume I”. You can become one of these fierce and mighty creatures.


This pack is based on the creator’s addon “Disciples of the Void, Volume I”. The addon features five main bosses, but this pack also includes two extra skins. The bosses are The Disciples, normal overworld animals that were transformed by an ancient force of unknown origin. This pack lets you look like them.

Deathblade, Skeleton of Crystallization

  • Deathblade, a mutated, bloody, crystalized wither skeleton is the most powerful of the second set of disciples. He was originally a wither skeleton heavily enhanced by command blocks. Once his creator discovered the ability to create his own, sentient mobs, he gladly created Deathblade along with his brothers.

Alatar, Evoker of Envy

  • Alatar is the dark magic-wielding side of the original bunch. In the old days, he was just an evoker with a speed, resistance, and regeneration buff with strength-induced vexes. But when his creator gave him his own body separate from his kind, he left his past behind and flipped the concept of evoker spells on its head.

Brawlatar, Disciple of Dissension

  • Brawlatar was without a doubt the most ready-to-fight monster of all time. he literally had an arena all to himself to brawl with others. He and his creator fought all the time for fun. (He would always win btw)

Eribus, Disciple of Culmination

  • Eribus was like the others, a mutated mob. except he was kept in a Dungeon filled with puzzles and traps to confuse the player. then was there to finally take out the player at the end. it was confusing, pointless, and relentless, And he liked it.

Extorris-Poeta, The First Creator

  • Extorris-Poeta is (at least what is left of) the creator of the original disciples. He resembles an enderman in a suit skin from the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft with chains wrapped around him. It seems that the player behind the skin has left, leaving him to rot in this mutated form, and he is NOT happy about it.

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