Disneyland Paris Minecraft Map (1.21.1, 1.20.1) is a creation map designed by yosi-game. Step into the magic of Disneyland Paris in Minecraft! This lovely map brings the enchanting world of Disneyland Paris to life, featuring iconic attractions, detailed recreations of beloved rides, and stunningly designed landscapes. From the majestic Sleeping Beauty Castle to the thrilling rides of Adventureland and Frontierland, every corner of the park is filled with wonder and nostalgia. Whether you’re exploring the charming streets of Main Street, U.S.A., or embarking on a swashbuckling adventure in Pirates of the Caribbean, this map offers an immersive experience that captures the spirit of Disneyland Paris. Gather your friends and embark on a magical journey through this beloved theme park, all within the blocky world of Minecraft.


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