About Do You Wanna Build A Snow Golem Map

Do You Wanna Build A Snow Golem Map. In this fun little mini-game you compete with your friends to make as many Snow Golems as you can before the time runs out, the person to make the most when the clock strikes zero WINS! By default the challenge lasts 20 minutes but using the control room before you start the game you are able to increase or decrease this time in 5 minute increments.



Do You Wanna Build A Snow Golem Map Special Item:


After each Snow Golem has been made it will instantly be killed and give you a “Blizzard Ball”, when this ball is thrown it will give all other players Blindness and Slowness for 10 seconds, as if they’re trapped in a blizzard with snow blindness. These effects do NOT stack so for best results wait before each use to really keep the other players in dark for much longer!

Control Room Coordinates:

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(In case you are spawned on the surface when using a server)

World One: -48 / 2 /238

World Two: -127 / 2 / 334

If there is already someone in the control room there is a button on the wall to TP anyone else who joins the server to them so they’re not exploring the world for an unfair advantage

Server Settings:

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  • Worldview-Distance = 10
  • Enable-Command-Block = True

Although this mini-game can handle a large amount of players it is not recommended that more then 10 play at any one time, the map has been tested with up to 4 players so if there are any issues please let me know in the comments and i’ll try and fix it asap.

The sidebar scoreboard is only able to display up 15 names at a time, one of these names is the Timer so only 14 players will be seen if you decide to play with more then that it might be hard for some players to see how many they have and/or need to win.

Possible Issue: The more players in the map the longer it may take for the system to detect a Snow Golem has been made, this is something that may not be able to be fixed easily sadly so try not to play with to many.

Let’s Plays:

How to install:

Download links for Do You Wanna Build A Snow Golem Map:

Easy (Frequent patches of Pumpkins with Snow close by the spawn, large amounts of Pumpkins in each patch when found.)


Hard (Rare patches of Pumpkins with Snow close by to spawn, small amounts of Pumpkins in each patch when found.)


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