In Don’t Dig Straight Down Map, you will be given a question and the way you answer the is by digging through the dirt that is under the sign that has you answer on it.
If you’re right, then you move onto the next level. If you’re wrong, then you fall into a pit of lava. There are ten levels plus one bonus level.
The way to find the bonus level is by hitting the button that you find. The levels go in this order. White Wool, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple, Cyan, Blue, Red, Green, and last but not least, Lime.
When you finish the map, you can do the Bonus level if you unlocked it. Also, you can take a ride on a mine cart over the entire map!

Dont Dig Straight Down Map 1

Dont Dig Straight Down Map 2

Dont Dig Straight Down Map 3

How to install:

Download Links for Don’t Dig Straight Down Map

For Minecraft from 1.10.2

Download from Server 2

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