About Dragon’s Modern Resource Pack

Dragon’s Modern Resource Pack for Minecraft Frostburn update version that added new blocks and some new sounds.


Dragon’s Modern Resource Pack Pictures

Le Cave


Emerald-green grassy plains, inspired by the beautiful greenlands of Ireland; the Emerald Isle


Extraordinary villages; perfect look for raiding! (I am holding glass to show you what it really looks like. The default glass is a glitch!)


The icy taiga biome never looked fresher! Begin your new journey with this incredulous snow! With this texture-pack you’ll never wish you didn’t spawn in a tundra biome again!


The optional 32×32 HD weapons!!


Some of the awesome jungle-wood! (Couldn’t find a jungle bioe)


Furnaces never looked more oven-like! Now you can mine and cook like a chef: In style!


Gotta love that sand! The Desert!


How to install Dragon’s Modern Pack

  • 1. Open the [resourcepack].zip
  • 2. Put the folder into the “resource packs” folder.
  • 3. Open Minecraft.
  • 4. Select Dragon’s Modern 16×16
  • 5. Play Minecraft
  • 6. Comment on how awesome it is (optional)

Download links for Dragon’s Modern Resource Pack

https://files.9minecraft.net/index.php?act=dl&id=1420025206  (4.7MB)

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