Dungeon Craft Addon (1.19) brings you to battle for the Realm, it is like MCPE Crazy Craft! With tons of biomes, items, weapons, and hundreds of mobs – this addon IS BIG!


How to Play:

The overall aim of Dungeon Craft is to get back the Quake Hammer (the most powerful weapon in the universe), defeat the Bishnell Empire and the Lord of the Realms- and save the Minecraft multiverse!

Starting Out:

Starting Weapons and Armor:

Monsters in Dungeon Craft are so strong that usually, you will get one shotted if you get into a fight with them, unarmored! To make sure you will at least survive- you will need diamond armor. Climb a giant tree? Like the one shown here.

Make it to the top, and you will find 2 diamond blocks. Mine these and use them to make your first weapons and armor. If you take more diamond blocks from other trees you can craft a pretty strong sword, the reinforced diamond sword. It deals 19 damage and should be enough to fend off basic dungeon craft night monsters.

You can get some food easily by looking for fruits and veggies that can be easily found throughout the world.

Fruit Trees:

There are fruit trees in the dungeon craft. You can find orange and lemon trees all over the world. Mangoes though are exclusive to the tropical USJ.

Steel Production:

You cannot just stay with diamond weapons though. If you really want to thrive in the crazy world of Dungeon Craft- and be dominating your foes- then you must first start by making steel! Almost all powerful weapons in dungeon craft require steel one way or another.

Without it- progress will be slow. You must industrialize! Of course, you will need advanced weapons. In dungeon craft, you will be fighting not just singular mobs, but powerful and evil empires like Bishnell! (Most nations in Dungeon Craft are on your side though- more on that later).

How to Produce Steel:

Start by smelting coal in a blast furnace.

This will turn into coal coke. Coal coke is used for crafting steel on a crafting table. Craft 2 coke with an iron nugget to get a steel nugget. With 8 steel nuggets and a piece of coke, you can make a steel ingot. With 9 steel ingots, you can make a steel bunch, and with 9 steel bunches- a steel block. More powerful weapons require more and more steel. So be sure to make as much as you can.

When you have more steel you can craft a Bessemer converter that can turn rubies into steel instantly!

Bessemer Converter now requires Rubies

You can also get steel by attacking Chocodile encampments or searching for chests in the nations.

Starter Steel Weapons!

With steel and a bit of gunpowder, one can make a myriad of early gunpowder weapons! Shotguns, hand cannons, automatic crossbows, rockets, etc. Just look in the crafting table. You will need these weapons for your wars and adventures. Later on, when you have more steel and have mined for ores like rubies you can make increasingly more advanced weapons, and even produce soldiers, heavy guns, or even helicopters! (More on that later- see wars)

Ores and more Powerful Weapons:

Ores in Order: Ruby, Chrysocolla, Ametrine

Dungeon craft ores can be found near bedrock. You have ruby, chrysocolla, and ametrine. Ruby and Ametrine can be turned into good sets of armor and powerful weapons.

Tip: energy armor is the best set. (the orange one) Ametrine armor is the 2nd best (the purple one)

Ruby, is mainly used for technologically advanced weapons, and Ametrine for more magical ones. Chrysocolla is used to make a bunch of different items. There are a huge amount of weapons in Dungeon Craft- a lot more than I can describe here:

Discover them for yourself! I recommend trying them out in creative first- determining which ones you like. Look for their recipes in the crafting table once you are in survival and try grinding for the resources you need. Most of the cool ones though will be in the building blocks section of the creative inventory/crafting table. Bear that in mind.

Just bear this in mind. If you want a strong sword for fighting big bosses you should make a sword known as the star cleaver. It deals a ton of damage and even has special abilities when right clicked/long held.

You need to go to Achimgoyo to get the materials for it.

Energy Armor and the Photon Sword:

If you want an upgrade for that- you need to go to the crystal biome. Photons that are dropped by the prism mob (which spawns there) can be used to make an incredibly strong weapon.

This weapon is the Photon Sword- it deals upwards of 300 damage and gives you potion effects when you right-click it. Very good. It is really important for defeating the executives- some of the mightiest monsters in the game- who drop pieces of the Quake Hammer.

Your photons can also be used to craft ametrine armor into the mighty energy armor.

And you will need the Quake Hammer to defeat the final boss (in the future). You will also need tungsten to get the Photon sword. You get that by killing droids. For now, you can attack Bishnell Empire bases or try fighting off the invading Bishnell armies in Zhongguo to get them.

Vanderburgian Elytra Combat Gear:

A set of equipment that turns your elytra into a supermaneuverable monster-killing weapon! Created by scientists from the Bishnell state of Vanderburg- each part of the gear is designed to remove every weakness of the Elytra and turn it into a weapon for battle. Although it is very potent- it requires a lot of skill to use!

Try Right Clicking on Weapons! Some swords, weapons, and tools in Dungeon Craft have special abilities when you right-click-long press them!

Bishnell bases spawn in plains biomes and deserts?

2 Very Important Materials:

You cannot simply use rubies and ametrine once you get them! Pay attention to these 2 important materials you will need to use rubies and ametrine- and in essence- to get the most powerful weapons in the game!

To use rubies:

Hearthstone (block)

You need to craft them with hearthstone. Hearthstone can only be found in the Dragon nest biome as a drop from magma skeletons. Be careful when traversing the dragon nest as it is full of hostile monsters, environmental dangers- like fire, magma, cliffs, and of course- dragons!

To Use Ametrine:

Galeyan Land Warships in the Daurfrost

You will need Bibulus saxum. It is a technological component from the ancient nation of Galeya. Galeya was destroyed 6,000 years ago in a cataclysm after it fought to try and conquer the world. Now all that remains is their robots and the ruins of their civilization- either burning in the Dragon nest, or freezing in the Daurfrost. You can only find Bibulus saxum, though, in the Daurfrost. And you can only get them inside chests in a Galeyan Temple.

You will have to fight through a lot of ancient Galeyan automatons to get your hands on Bibulus Saxum.

But it will be worth it. You can use Bibulus Saxum to recreate powerful Galeyan weapons- such as this cannon. It deals 1200 damage per shot!

Mass Production of Bibulus Saxum

If you want to mass produce Bibulus Saxum- you will have to go to the Galeyan biome (spawns in Europe in 1.17, and replaces the mutated birch forest in 1.18/1.19). The Galeyan biome houses the last remaining intact (albeit uninhabited) Galeyan city- Schwarmbewusstsein. Chests around the city will contain Galeyan energy chips which will allow you to produce Bibulus Saxum Generators- that can convert Potentia (a drop from Galeyan robots) into Bibulus Saxum. This will ensure you will have enough Bibulus to make all the strongest weapons in the game. Galeyan Energy Chips also give you access to extremely powerful Galeyan weapons.

Galeyan Armor- The new strongest in the game!

How to get Golden Apples:

You can get normal golden apples from a mob called an Appling that can be found in the plains or forest biome. Right-click them to get golden apples.

If that isn’t good enough for you- you can craft dirt pie. It is very cheap. Only costing dead beetles, corn, and dirt, to craft. It gives you very good regeneration, resistance, speed, and jump boost. Perfect for fighting bosses.

But if you still want something better- you can get Gapples from these little steam-powered robots that spawn in Liure. Right-click them and they give you Gapples- for free!

Heroes and Tamable Mobs:

In Dungeon Craft you can find spawn eggs to use to spawn in Heroes to fight on your side. All of them are extremely powerful and very potent on the battlefield.

To get them to fight for you, find their spawn egg, spawn them in and give them a piece of paper to tame them. Usually, they can be found in the nation/region they come from in Dungeon Craft!


There are more heroes than shown here- but these ones are the most important lore-wise!

King Ben

  • Place of Origin:?
  • Where to Find Him: you can find King Ben’s altar in forests

King Ben was the bearer of the mighty Quake Hammer. At least he used to be… until he was ambushed by the Executives and stripped of that powerful weapon. The only one capable of defeating the Bishnell Empire- and the Lord of the Realms.

King Ben is from another world. And now he embarks on a quest to save this world, one he knows next to nothing about! Fighting his old, terrifying enemies, you, King Ben, and the heroes of this world must take back the Quake Hammer- and put an end to the Bishnell Empire and the Lord of the Realms-once and for all!

Kyla Dulce:

  • Nation of Origin: Montepoli
  • Abilities: Firing Laser Beams!
  • Where to Find: Secete City (Military HQ)

Kyla is a member of the SBP. An organization of powerful super soldiers in Montepoli. Members of the SBP are equipped with extremely powerful gear, biological enhancements- or both! Kyla in her case wields an extremely powerful laser cannon and a protective suit.

In the SBP Kyla does more of the scouting and spying missions- far away from home.

After reporting to the Montepoli generals that Bishnell was organizing monster armies to attack them, she got fired. The traitorous general Izaiah called Kyla’s report a ridiculous farce. “How can stupid monsters organize into armies with a definite goal?” But day by day- Kyla’s words ring more and more true. Will she have to the courage to stand up and fight for the truth, if need be even alone? If Montepoli does not ready to defend itself- the consequences will be devastating.

Raksha Karenvaala:

  • Nation of Origin: Mughal Empire
  • Where to Find: Dhaghabar
  • Raksha is one of the Galeyan War-era royalty of the Mughal Empire.

Lisa Delaurentis:

  • Nation of Origin: Montagne
  • Where to Find: Rome

The Caesaris (leader) of Montagne. Her line- that of Delaurentis- was one of the Galeyan-era royal families- that served in the European front of the Great Galeyan War. Lisa, as leader of the Romans, is in a difficult position in the European continent. With Montagne being a weak neighbor of the Bishnell Empire- Lisa must carefully balance appeasing their Bishnell overlords- while at the same time preserving the independence of their nation. In secret she and the Delaurentis family fight to protect the nation from the Bishnell Empire- desperately trying to stop the “secret of the world” from falling into the wrong hands.

Yin Xiao:

  • Nation of Origin: Zhongguo
  • Where to Find: Changdi

Yin Xiao is perhaps the most brilliant general in all of the Asian powers. Born in Bishnell and sent to a military academy in the Blutfelder- he has incredible insight into the enemy. A master of Bishnell war tactics- he served in the reichsarmee as a field marshall. He later quit and came to Zhongguo when he witnessed the cruelty of the Bishnell Empire.

Xiuying Zhanzheng:

  • Nation of Origin: Zhongguo
  • Where to Find: Huoyan

6,000 years ago, just as it is today- the entire world waged a war against an evil Empire- Galeya. A being called the Realm Herald fought on the side of the world- until he was killed in a battle against the entire Galeyan military. In his dying breaths he gave portions of his immense power to the royal families of this world- to continue the fight in his stead.

Lady Xiuying is the Baoshi of the Zhongguo Wangkuan, the highest ranking leader of Zhongguo. Xiuying`s family, Zhanzheng was one of the families who received powers from the Realm Herald. For centuries they shed their blood fighting against evil- with the mighty fire powers granted to them.

Xiuying, thrust into leadership of Zhongguo, at the age of 19- in a time of great war and turmoil does not know what to do. Will the fire of Zhanzheng burn bright in her? Will she lead the Asian nations to victory against Bishnell- as her forefathers did against Galeya? Or will her flame be snuffed out?

Ga Eul:

  • Nation of Origin: Achimgoyo
  • Where to Find: Yeosu

Ga Eul is the world famous idol singer from Achimgoyo. Coming from a poor family- his father slaved day and night in a mine to send him to music school when he saw the boy had immense talent.

Today Ga Eul appears to be nothing more than a musician. But secretly he is a force of the resistance- a sponsor of the rebellion. Ga Eul`s family, and his best friend Soda Nikushimi were taken away from him by the Golden Knife- the Yamato secret police- never to be seen again. And he promised he will not stop until the evil Generals of Yamato and their secret police are put to justice. He will not stop until he finds his family, his best friend- Soda again.

And rumors are swirling- the Golden Knife and these evil Generals are conspiring against the Asian Nations- and working with Bishnell.

Dungeon Craft has a little over 200 mobs in total! Discover them by exploring your world.


How to install:

  • 1. Select a version of Dungeon Craft
  • 2. Download all the packs for the version you chose
  • 3. Import them and apply to a new world!

(Delete the old “Dungeon Craft” if you have it installed before importing the new one!)

Turn on these before making the world- otherwise, dungeon craft will not work!

How to install Guides:

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Dungeon Craft Addon (1.19, 1.18) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19, 1.18

Dungeon Craft Addon: Download from server 1

Preset World: Download from server 1

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