About Eleanor’s Curse Adventure Map

Eleanor’s Curse Adventure Map is a a hardcore adventure map. It’s a hardcore (not like in gamemode, just difficult) adventure map, with some parts here and there that are parkour! (just a smaller part!)


This map is also playable from 2-6 players!

Eleanor’s Curse Adventure Installation:

Go to the search bar by clicking start in windows, search for %appdata% and press enter and then click:

  • .minecraft -> Saves -> Place the map in here.
  • Tecturepacks -> Place the texture pack (Gerudoku.rar) in here.

Run the MCpatcher.exe for an HD fix IF you use the texture pack included! If you do NOT USE the texture pack included, don’t even bother looking at the texture pack or the MCpatcher!

And also be sure to read the .txt files in there, they might give you some useful information about how the map functions! (certainly in multiplayer)

Download links for Eleanor’s Curse Adventure Map:



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