Elemental Masters Combat System Mod 1.7.10 adds attacks which you can use to defeat mobs. There are at least 10 attacks per element. Each element has it’s own creative tab and ore/gem. They also have a gem staff which allows you to travel to the corresponding elemental dimension. Each element will also have it’s own apprentice mob, which attack you with attacks in that element. Each element will have it’s own master mob, which attacks you with the strong attacks in that element. Each attack will consume a set amount of energy, an item which you can craft from energy dust. You can obtain energy dust when you kill any mob.


This mod is a remake Elemental Masters but with a new and more advanced combat system. The item ‘Energy’ (With a few new energy items: Energy Ring and Energy Spiral) is still in game, but are used for something else, and are not for using attacks. The new combat system brings 2 bars – the energy bar, and the player’s skill bar. The energy bar shows how much energy you have left. When you use an attack, it consumes a set amount of energy.

Current Attacks:

Currently there are 9 attacks, each attack has 5 levels.

  • Revitalise: Heals you. Pretty simple isn’t it? The higher the level, the more hearts it heals.
  • Jet: You have to be moving to use this attack. It jets you in the direction you’re moving in, so it works if you’re moving backward too. The higher the level, the further the boost. Boosts even further depending on your speed, so works well with sprinting, and ice.
  • Spring: Springs you up in the air, and also negates fall damage for that one fall. Good for jumping off cliffs, and works if you are falling off a cliff, can save your life by negating the fall damage.
  • Energy Bolt: Casts a explosion relative to the level. The higher the level, the bigger the explosion. Currently the bolt it’s invisible because I wanted to release the mod a little earlier and it may take a long time to fix so the explosion is just where you are looking at.
  • Inferno: If it hits a mob, it will set it on fire for a few seconds. If it hits a block, it will set fire. The higher the level, the longer the burn.
  • Avalanche: Drop snow. At higher levels, more snow will be dropped.
  • Lightning Strike: Strike lightning. Each level adds one extra lightning bolt.
  • Sky Fling: Look at a mob. Watch it fly into the sky. Doesn’t work on mobs which are resistant to fall damage.
  • Bomb Rain: Drops explosive rain drops on your target. Wrecks havoc. More rain are dropped at higher levels.
  • Attack Slots: You can press the charge button (default is ‘f’ but can be changed in the controls menu) while holding the mystic orb and it will open the attack slots. Your skill level determines the amount of slots you have. You can put in attacks in the attack slots. The keys to fire the attacks are (‘z’ for slot 1, ‘x’ for slot 2, ‘c’ for slot 3, ‘v’ for slot 4 and ‘b’ for slot 5. The keys can be changed in the controls menu.)





Start Up:

Look at the bottom left of the screen. The top number shows your skill level. The bar below it is the skill bar. Fill it up by killing mobs and when it reaches max, you level up. The bar below ‘Energy Level’ is your energy bar. It shows you current energy. Energy is consumed when you use an attack. Currently I’m holding a mystic orb. It is the base of the whole mod. It holds your attacks.


Attack Slots:

Below is what the attack slots look like. As you can see in the background, my skill level is 2, so that means I have 2 attack slots. You can also see that I have inferno in my second attack slot. To open the attack slots, hold your mystic orb and press charge (default ‘f’)


How to get the energy item:

Below is what it looks like when you convert the energy you have in you energy bar to the energy item. To do so, sneak and press charge (default ‘f’) when you aren’t holding the mystic orb. Right click with energy (or energy ring/energy spiral) to revert the item energy to energy that goes into you energy bar.


How to use an attack:

Below is a reference image. As you can see below each attack slot there is a letter. Press that key to use the attack in the slot. You can change the keys in the controls menu but I recommended you to keep them as is.


Mod Showcases:

Elemental Masters Combat System Mod Recipes:

Note that the topmost six crafting recipes are to upgrade attacks, and so you can replace inferno with any attack.


How to install

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the mod.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • If the “mods” folder does not exist you can create one.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  • Enjoy the mod.

Download Links for Elemental Masters Combat System Mod 1.7.10

For Minecraft 1.7.10


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