Escape Pyramide Coop Map (1.20.6, 1.20.1) is an escape map created by Faontastique. Welcome to Escape Pyramide Coop, where ancient mysteries and hidden dangers await in the depths of an old pyramid discovered in the vast desert. As you and your companion prepare to delve into this uncharted territory in search of riches and renown, you find yourselves faced with a daunting challenge. Separated by a mysterious trap upon entering the pyramid, you awaken to find yourself alone, with your friend nowhere in sight. Now, armed only with your wits and determination, you must navigate through the labyrinthine passages of the pyramid, solving intricate puzzles and deciphering cryptic clues to uncover the truth and reunite with your companion. With your friend’s whispers guiding you from afar, the fate of your expedition lies in your hands. Will you unravel the secrets of the pyramid and emerge victorious, or will you be lost to the sands of time? The answer awaits in Escape Pyramid Co-op.



An old pyramid was discovered in the great desert recently and this does not leave you indifferent, you and your friend have then prepared your journey towards this new adventure for riches and recognition. Your journey was long and tiring but once installed in front of this pyramid you finally set up your tents and your equipment for the exploration that you dream of, after analyzing the exterior of the pyramid you noticed 2 entering but only 1 was open. but it didn’t matter too much because you rushed headlong into the only possible entrance and then a trap was activated putting you to sleep, when you wake up you noticed that you have been separated from your friend. How to get out? Where is my friend? It’s up to you to solve the puzzles that will stand in your way with the help of your friend’s whispers.  Please note that this map does not work solo, it is played with 2 people and no more.

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